Monday, October 6, 2014

Nails of the Week #15: Essie Bachelorette Bash & Shine of the Times

Glitter really has destroyed my nails. The process of getting it off has made the surfaces start to peel. But what is a birthday without some glitter?? Like I mentioned last week I'm extremely behind on my manicure updates so this is actually the nails I had roughly two weeks ago. Don't worry we are catching up to real time because after this manicure I gave my nails a mini vacation from polish and they got to be naked and pampered for awhile. I can't even begin to explain what this is suppose to be, I got a crazy idea for something, tried it out, failed, but then turned it into something fun and different. This started out as a one color ombre where I just wanted to have color on the tips that ombres out to a naked nail but it didn't work out like the way I imagined it. So instead it turned into smudgey, blocky nail art. Yeah just look at the pictures.

This look was achieved using Essie in Bachelorette Bash my favorite hot pink, a makeup wedge sponge, and then Essie in Shine of the Times as an accent top coat. It's fun, slightly geometric, and still featured the half bare nail look that I set out to achieve. Also this was my attempt to shape my nails into squares and I think the left hand turned out pretty good while the right hand was a mix bagged at attempts.

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