Friday, October 10, 2014

Review: Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask Exfoliating Treatment

Michael Todd has to be one of my favorite companies for skincare. Almost all of their cleansers I have tried and loved but for masks, it's been a mixed bag. When I saw a deal on Groupon for the Pumpkin Mask Exfoliating Treatment I didn't need to think twice and immediately ordered it.  This normally retails for $34 for a 100ml bottle. I scored a deal of two 100ml tubes for $19. I was slightly disappointed when it came in the mail because instead of the bottles with the pump I got two squeezey tubes. Small details but when it's advertised as something I expect to get it!
Basically this is a mask is packed with pumpkin enzymes, 5% glycolic acid, and nourishing vitamins that helps to clear blemishes, hydrate skin and diminish wrinkle. This product is a powerful exfoliant and not recommended for sensitive skin. So that's the basics about this product, a little background on my skin. I have combination acne prone skin that is not sensitive at all. Like it really takes a lot for any type of redness to surface so things that do irritate it to that extent I'm wary about. This product has a really strong pumpkin and spice smell almost to the point where it bothers me when it's on my face. It has a thick and chunky consistency but it is very easy to spread on evenly.

Within seconds of contact to skin you will feel the tingling as the enzymes and acid gets to work almost to the point where it feels like it's burning. It's definitely a sensation you will need to get used to but this passes after about 5-10 minutes. Once it's dry you rinse it off with warm water and it makes my skin feel so smooth and tight and it really looks like it cleans out the pores and sloughs off the dead skin. Unfortunately that's where the positives end for me.

There are countless good reviews for the product, it nearly has a perfect 5 star rating on the Michael Todd site, but each time I've used this I found that it has left my face looking red and irritated and the next morning I have broken out. Now the breakouts could be a sign that this stuff is really working well that it's forcing all the bad stuff deep in my skin out to the surface, but I've used countless other masks that promises to deliver the same results this one has but I've never broken out from it! I'm glad I scored this with a deal because I wouldn't have been so happy to have paid full price for these results. My breakouts have been limited to my forehead and jawline so I may consider continuing to use this product on my cheeks and nose (where my pores are the largest) since the resulting smooth skin is really nice. Despite the redness it delivers that is cured once I glob on a thick moisturizer, it's just the breakouts that obviously aren't sitting well with me.

Overall I'm really sad that this product didn't work out for me. Full retail value is expensive and it's a holy grail for many people, but despite the fantastic immediate results, the long term side effects just aren't exactly what I'm going for. Based on the way it reacted with my skin I can't fully stand behind this product and support it so I'm going to have to go ahead and say you should pass on this.

Have you ever tried this mask before? What were your experiences?

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