Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014 Favorites + Unfavorites!

Notice something different? I've decided to start combining the good, the bad (and the ugly) all into one post each month. I am (thankfully) finding less unfavorites and it just seems like such a waste of a day to dedicate a post specifically to unfavorites. From now on I will highlight my favorites first followed by a small blurb at the end of any products that didn't work out for me. Who knows, even some months there might be no unfavorites at all! So September, pretty much everything went right for me. My skin situation finally got under control with the help of some great finds, I scored some awesome deals, discovered the magic of Memebox World, and the changing season forced me to tweak my routines to counteract some new problems that have cropped up.

I'm going to start this off with two random favorites that have no cohesiveness with each other before following up with the themed groups of items. I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I had a gross bout of dry scalp this past month to the point where running my hands through my hair (which I do a lot while I work) resulted in a cascade of snow flurries (ew). I originally set out to purchase a $9 bottle of shampoo that I sampled in a Birchbox but upon realizing it was a BB exclusive, could not justify doing this without at least hitting the $35 for the mystery sample packs. For once I couldn't find enough to spend so I took a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond my favorite spot (not only because it's next to a Chipotle) for picking up semi nice products outside of the typical drugstore fare. Sorry, this is turning into quite a story. Anyways what I ended up with is this Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat that feels so cooling and nice on the scalp and does a bang up job of clarifying and refreshing my scalp! This guy has a firm position as a weekly treatment for my hair now. The other favorite are these Sephora Formula X Effects Top Coats that I picked up for a steal! They are a pain in the butt to remove but they just look so nice on the nails that it's worth it. For those interested the colors I have are Firecracker, TNT, Maniacal, and Blast Off.
I think the reign of horrifyingly oily skin and the ring of fire on my face has been vanquished! I would like to give credit to the Paula's Choice Spot Treatment as the slayer of blemishes, the Glowing Mama Walnut Scrub for returning my skin to baby bum's smoothness, and the Queen Helene Grape Seed Mask for making it all soft again.
Changing weather means flakey lips! I have two lip treatment favorites this month and I like to layer them on top of each other before I sleep for some really soft lips in the morning! First up is this Chapstick Hydration Lock. I've had this for quite awhile I got it in some sort of subbie box but this is AMAZING! Smells so good and works about 10x better than the original Chapsticks which I'm already a huge fan of. For that extra layer of hydration that turns my lips so glossy and juicy looking (without the stickiness) this Jolibebe Lip Treatment that I got in a Memebox is just the best. It smells like delicious tropical fruit and is virtually flavorless and it works like a dream. I've been a little heavy handed with it lately but I must start rationing it until I figure out where I can stock up on about 50 of these babies.
I've forgotten how much I love this Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder! It really is a great drugstore pick that actually works to control oil all day! I've been loving using it to set the Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow or my other favorite, the Naked Skin Beauty Balm. I didn't want to love it so much but I think I need to purchase the full size once this little sample is out! Now if I can just figure out what color it is though....
I need to give one shout out to the Lorac Pro Palettes! I've been picking up the original one a lot lately and just really digging into it. These colors are so gorgeous and buttery and just perfect in every way! This is a little preemptive but I also picked up the second one this month but I haven't used it yet because I just love admiring it in all its untouched glory. I just know I will love it just as much as the first one though.

Only two unfavorites this month and strangely enough they are both lip products. Remember that gorgeous wine lipstick I got in the Memebox that seemed to be the envy of the world? Yeah that Witch's Pouch Lipstick in Burgundy Wine turned out to be a dud. It's super sheer and drying all at the same time and the color payoff is this funky orange red. I mean it looks kind of okay swatched but I tried it on my lips and no go. This other item was so revolting that I'm typically not one to throw away perfectly good products but when I couldn't even pawn it off on (unsuspecting) family and friends, it just had to go. This would be the Mongongo Mandarin Green Orange Ginger Chapstick. Such a shame because it's such a fun name to say but I HATE the taste, smell, everything, with ginger and the was the predominant flavor intermingled with orange (my second least favorite scent, fun fact: I love citrusy perfumes though?? Odd, I know) I tried to muscle through this so many times but it just made me gag.

So what was my September in products, what are some of your hits and misses?

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  1. the colours in those palettes look gorgeous! i may try these out as i need some new eye shadows! id love it if youd comment back xx