Friday, October 3, 2014

Unboxing: BeautyBar Sample Society Mystery Box!

I've heard about these mystery box sales before but I've never been quick enough to snap one up! I tried to buy both of the big sample boxes but one of them sold out as I was having PayPal issues. Anyways! Every once in awhile BeautyBar puts out Sample Society mystery boxes that are boxes filled with items from previous boxes. They come in different sizes, I got the largest one which is 15 items with a guaranteed value of $45 and I paid $25 for it. I'm not sure if every box is different but the specific one I purchased was labelled Box B. I've seen other unboxings and there is always great values in the boxes and usually some full sized luxury goodies! I was excited that shipping was super fast and I got it less than a week after I placed the order! So let's just dive into a good ole fashion unboxing!
I won't even begin to name everything so instead I will just provide some close up photo sets of the items I received separated by category. Overall I'm really pleased with this set and I'm especially excite for the new cleansers and the full sized butter London nail polish! I will definitely be more dilligent next time and snap up more of these mystery boxes because I'm really pleased with the wide range of products I received and pretty much everything I will use or I know someone who will!

Did you pick up one of these mystery boxes? Are there a bunch of different variations out there?

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  1. You got so much in this!! so many great products! id love it if youd comment back xx