Friday, October 31, 2014

Unboxing: Superbox #59 Halloween Special

Happy Halloween everyone! Originally I intended to do an all things Halloween with links to blog posts, videos, as well as pictures of decoration and pumpkins but that fell through because I was quite preoccupied watching baseball (whoohoo Giants!) so good thing this appropriately themed Memebox landed on my door step early this week so I am unable to bring you a Memebox unboxing, Halloween edition! This box was so awful and disappointing it doesn't even deserve the full Memebox spiel and experience here! Let's just cut to the chase and talk about the products that came in this box.

LeLanc Real Tattoo Set | Retail: $5
Elizavecca Lip Tattoo | Retail: $14
Let's start with the two tattoo-ish items  that are also not Revecen. Why would I ever want any of those tattoos anywhere on my body, even for a costume? And that lip tattoo seems really pointless to me. Why take the time to cut that thing to the shape of my lips when I can easily apply my 99 cent Wet n Wild lipstick that's in the EXACT same color in half the time? I would have been more thrilled if it was a lip tattoo is some crazy design or pattern but I probably still wouldn't have used it...
Revecen Cake Eye Liner in Black | Retail: $8
Revecen Supra Lining Color in Purple | Retail: $30
These are probably the only items I would consider using in this box but even so I have more than enough black gel liner to last me for awhile and there aren't many occasions where I think purple is the way to go.
Revecen Face Control Foundation in White | Retail: $22
Revecen False Eye Lashes | Retail: $6
Revecen Liquid Lipstick in Blood | Retail: $16
A "foundation" that can only be used on Halloween, eye lashes (okay these aren't bad), and liquid lipstick? I'm not even going to say anything here.

First of call why not just call this a Revecen box and call it a day? Also in the description it said all things Halloween including pixies but all I can see is turning myself into a emo zombie rocker with the things in this box. As much as I wasn't a fan of the all makeup boxes I ordered, I really despise this box. I have no clue what to do with anything in this box. Luckily I was able to pawn this off on a friend who conveniently needed white face makeup and I told her she could have it if she took the whole box off my hands, success! This will be the last time I fall for a theme box

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  1. :( I have not gotten those boxes yet but they have looked intriguing.. At least you can use the eye lashes at some point.