Thursday, November 27, 2014

10 Beauty Things I'm Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is the day to count your blessings and be grateful with loved ones so I thought it would be fun to put a spin on things and list a few beauty items I am grateful for! If you've been following me for awhile now you will know that I have had a recent struggle with my skin so the number one thing is I am so grateful for the fact that it finally cleared up and is stable. This will be almost like a mini all time favorites list and possibly a sneak peek for my 2014 MVPs!! Anyways let's get into the 10 things, in no particular order, I am grateful for in my beauty regime!

  1. Toners. Why did I go so long without using these things?? That's redundant, I know the answer to that, it's because I didn't realize that non-astringent formulas existed! Toners with alcohol really dry out my skin and would have a funny reaction with the rest of my skincare so it was always a step I skipped. Then I discovered some great toners from Suki and Paula's Choice and I am amazed by how much gunk it still picks up after I've washed my face! Never again will I go without toner.
  2. Kiwi Facial Scrub. Not everything on this list will get a particular item shout out but this truly is the holy grail of all face scrubs so it deserves a moment in the limelight. This scrub from theBalm is THE best scrub out there that really deep cleans but is gentle enough to use daily if you wanted to. How can I make such a claim? My nose pores get pretty gunky, so that weekly pore strip is always regarded with much disgust and fascination, however after my FIRST week of using this stuff the amount of gunk yanked out was reduced dramatically and better yet my nose felt smoother and looked cleaner even before the strip! I'm in love with you facial scrub, never leave my life.
  3. Sheet Masks. This is a very recent but very profound love of mine. Right after toner and right before the serum step in my nighttime routine, slapping on a sheet mask to deliver an extra dose of nutrients and goodness is just amazing and the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day. I need mooooore!
  4. They're Real! Mascara. This mascara. Amazeballs. I've been a long time drugstore fanatic when it comes to mascara even scoffing at people who shell out the money for expensive designer brands, but then I met this guy and it was game over. Nothing compares to this one wand does all wonder and it will hurt, but I will keep forking over the cash for this one.
  5. Cleansing Oil. Nothing breaks down makeup as gently yet effectively as a cleansing oil does! Before this I was a fan of the makeup wipes but now even extreme laziness won't get me to swap out my oil!
  6. Hand Creams. Being a nail polish addict you would think I took better care of my hands...WRONG! I think only about three months ago when my sample stash of hand cream reached an alarming tower did I start using hand creams regularly and now I'm addicted to how silky soft my hands and cuticles can be and I find myself constantly slathering it on every second.
  7. Lorac Pro Palettes. I have slowly hoarded a small empire of eyeshadow palettes but nothing beats the Lorac Pro Palettes! The colors and finishes are perfect, the shadows themselves are lusciously buttery. And the packaging is slim and very travel friendly, I just love everything about them!
  8. BB Creams. I never realized how much I appreciated BB creams until I couldn't use them! When my skin was going wild over the summer BB creams were much too low coverage to the point where it kind of accentuated my acne so I was better off without it. Now that that is done I've picked up a few BB creams from my collection and have fallen in love with how they merely blur imperfections rather than cover them up completely. Now that's natural skin to me!
  9. Brow Pencils. I look back on pictures of myself and cringe, why did I never do anything with my brows?? Now it is the number one thing I MUST do before leaving the house! I can go bare face but I need to have my brows done. I think it's the one thing that just makes you look pulled together without exerting a lot of effort.
  10. Clarifying Shampoos. Whoever invented these things are godly. I've reduced my hair washing to just two times a week and my hair is loving it, however my scalp has other ideas. A nice tea tree oil clarifying shampoo is enough to appease my scalp, I am obsessed.
What are some things you're grateful for?

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