Wednesday, November 26, 2014

4 Quick Black Friday Tips!

Before we fall into heavy food comas tomorrow, I am here today for some quick tips on how to have your best Black Friday ever! Hint, a lot of it has to do with forgoing the crowds and hitting up online shopping! Here are my favorite tips, sites and resources to really make the most out of kickstarting your holiday shopping!

1. Ebates. Probably the best site ever. Ebates partners with hundreds of online retailers (including Sephora, Ulta, and more!) to give you cash back for shopping! Especially during this time there is double cash back for a lot of places, and it's convenient when you click through the site they also list all active coupon codes! Basically you log onto Ebates and find the store and click through the site to activate the cookie that will track your spending. Four times a year Ebates will send you a check with your earnings! Full disclosure the link I'm using is my referral link (I get paid for everyone who clicks through and signs up from it), I would love it if you would use my link but if not simply copy into your address bar for a direct link to the site!
2. Nouveau Cheap. This is an amazing blog that you should be following year round anyways, but check this site for real time updates on all the best deals and sales for beauty products both online and in stores! Harnessing the power of crowd sourcing G is able to post up interactive sightings and deal alerts nearly the second it happens! Definitely check it out on the day of and days leading up to it to create a game plan!
3. Subscription boxes, in general. Right now is THE best time to sign up or gift subscription boxes! Almost all subscription box companies put out their best deals right now, so you can get some awesome boxes for a steal! A great blog to check out is My Subscription Addiction which posts deal alerts, spoilers, and unboxings of nearly every subscription box out there so check it out to see all the active deals!
4. Post Thanksgiving Dinner shopping. What better time to shop than on your couch as your digest a delicious meal. Take advantage of the fact that Black Friday deals are being released earlier every year so Thursday night is the perfect time to jump on some great deals!

Happy shopping everyone!

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