Thursday, November 13, 2014

Adventures in Organizing!

I'm kicking myself for getting overexcited so I forgot to take a set of before before pictures. Basically my makeup and products were originally stored in about four overflowing plastic bins and I decided enough was enough. I'm not even going to get into the disaster that is my bathroom storage because it's just a hot mess and I don't even know where to begin with that! What happened is it got to the point where all my products were so spread out and disorganized I was using the same things everyday. I wanted a new organized system where I would have access to everything easily and be able to give my beloved makeup the love and attention they deserve! Obvious answer: Alex 9 drawer! After a lot of moving around furniture and many curse words at Ikea, I finally managed to fit one of these guys into my life and we couldn't be happier! There is definitely room to grow in some drawers but I'm trying to using up products instead of hoarding them so hopefully this doesn't work against me!

First up is the pieces of everything! I wish I took more pictures assembling the drawer set but it was actually pretty quick. The larger pieces were really heavy and it was a little repetitive making all those drawers but all together it took me about two episodes of Desperate Housewives to get through it all! To organize everything I used some Birchbox boxes to sort my various samples, some small plastic bins I picked up in the Dollar Spot at Target, as well as some big acrylic organizers I also picked up from Target. It took awhile for me to actually organize everything (I've had my Alex for almost two months now and just recently organized it) because I wanted bins that would fit perfectly into the space and that took awhile to track down the right sizes!

Before I get into the Before & After shots of everything I'll do a quick explanation of how everything was organized. Things may seem like a weird order but I placed everything depending on the things I reach for the most, that's why blushes get the coveted second drawer!
Eyes-ish - eyeliner,  mascaras and all things brow
Blushes - pretty self explanatory
Face - foundations, bb creams, concealer, setting powders
Eyes part 2 - eyeshadows (singles and up to 3 pans)
Face part 2 - highlighters, bronzers, primers
Extra products - starting from the top left and moving clockwise, misc items, lotions (face and body), hair care, face masks.
Extra products spill over and lips - the larger extra products in the back, the front left bin is unopened lip products and the front right bin is unopened chapsticks and balms
Eyeshadow Palettes - probably the only one that was never messy
Junk drawer - makeup bag central, extra blotting sheets, and more extra product spill over
I didn't show the last drawer my "junk" drawer just because that one is still a hot mess and I've tried over and over to organize it and it's just not working out. It's not that interesting though it's just an overflow of (ipsy) makeup bags, larger bottles of body lotion, and an excess of oil blotting sheet packets.

The last notable thing is the three drawer acrylic piece that use to contain all the makeup products I was currently using has been designated into my lippie container! I have a ton of glosses and crayons and such that I was never using just because the way it was stored just didn't make them accessible. Now I have them sorted by color, the top being nudes, middle is pinks, and finally my favorite drawer being the vamps which are all my reds, wines and plums!
I love how everything is organized now because I can see it all and have more of a selection everyday. Eventually I plan on finding long bins to fill up the excess space behind the acrylic organizers I bought for putting the overflow of new products in each drawer as well as devising a better system for all the extra products because that still looks like a hot mess to me.

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