Monday, November 17, 2014

Nails of the Week #19: Essie in Bordeaux and Toggle to the Top

Wow sorry how horrible that picture came out. I'm having this issue with Photoshop and cropping so I've been having to use my phone to crop pictures upload them directly into Blogger but clearly what I thought was perfectly crisp picture was half blurry. I'll sit down and sort out my Photoshop issue soon so we don't have a repeat of this! I've definitely been getting lazy with my nails. They are hanging in this limbo where they are kind of healthy but not so I haven't been wanting to spend a lot of time doing nail art only to have my nails start peeling off. That being said I've stepped up my nail care game and hopefully I can return to fun designs soon! Side note, I've been shaping my nails lately and I'm really pleased with how they are looking! It's a slow process especially when it comes to doing my right hand since one slip of the nail clippers really messes it up, but at this point it's just a matter of refining my thumb and pointer finger so I'm pleased!

So into the nail polish I'm wearing. I wanted to do a deep red but this sparkle caught my eye. It was my favorite shade from Essie's winter collection last year so I chose that as accent nails and then picked a plain deep red that was similar in color for the other nails. Essie in Toggle to the Top is this beautiful red sparkle set in a matte oxblood background. It's definitely a really unique color because due to the base being matte, it causes the glitter to really softly shimmer on your nails. As the complimenting color I chose Essie in Bordeaux which probably wasn't the best option. The color could stand to be a shade darker to match the glitter and the formula in general isn't the best. I did three coats for both polishes but you can clearly see uneven balding that still resulted with Bordeaux. I didn't want to use more coats for an even color since extra coats make the nails more susceptible to chipping.

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