Monday, November 3, 2014

October 2014 Favorites + Unfavorites!

October was the month of oldies but goodies as well as skincare mania as usual when it comes to me. As we are doing from now on unfavorites will be listed at the end after all the favorites which I'm surprised to have found a few this month seeing as I didn't really venture much out of comfort zone at all.

Dewey Tree Facial Serum. Pore reducing? I'm not too sure but I can say that I love this serum because it absorbs so quickly and leaves my skin feeling so baby soft. I'm definitely a huge fan of Korean skincare now thanks to Memeboxes and definitely think that adding a few products to the mix really has up my skincare game.
theBalm Kiwi Facial Scrub. I feel like every month I have a new favorite facial wash but that's because it's one of my favorite skincare items to purchase because I know that I work through them at a fairly normal rate. You've heard it a lot but I really believe that I have found the holy grail of facial scrubs! You can read a full review here but it deep cleans like nobody's business. My skin feels so soft and my pores look cleared out to the point where the nose strips don't even have anything to yank out!
African Black Soap. Okay this is the last face related favorite, it was a good month for my face! African Black Soap is suppose to be great for acne and lightening acne scars. I've had this bar for awhile but I wasn't sure how to store it in my shower without it getting gross so I finally remembered to pick up one of those traveling soap boxes and I'm a huge fan now. I like to believe that it's helping the scarring but I will definitely use it longterm and keep you guys posted!
H2O+ Hand and Nail Cream. I didn't think it was possible to love a hand cream. I felt like they were all the same but this one is so hydrating and non-greasy. I got this from some type of subscription box and it's the one I keep at work but I love it so much I want to tote it with me everywhere.
Butter London in Yummy Mummy. Hello perfect nude for me! Check out some pictures and more of my thoughts here!
Sephora Formula X in Alchemy. I just die over this one. Click here for pictures and my thoughts, I think I do a good enough job gushing over it there!
Benefit's They're Real! Mascara. This next category is some oldies but goodies that I've started using again. Seriously this mascara is so amazing. It will hurt me but I think I will need to always splurge on this stuff!
Physician's Formula BB Bronze Booster. I was on a whole NYC Sunny kick for the longest time I forgot how much I loved this stuff. Sunny can be a little a red, but this stuff is the perfect bronzy glow that actually compliments my skintone much better.
Vaseline Lip Therapy, Rosy Lips. It's a love hate with this product. Nothing else provides the same level of deep hydration that the vaseline does. It's so thick and sticky that it actually stays on my lips all night, but it's messy to apply since you need to use a finger (the hygiene of it also makes me cringe) and it rubs off onto my (white) pillows
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. So I thought I wasn't impressed with this but after a few uses it made my hair feel so soft and healthy, I think I've officially joined the bandwagon for this stuff!

And now for my unfavorites...
elf HD Lifting Concealer in Brightening. I heard such great things about this concealer but I tried this one in brightening and it was grey! If anything it accentuated my dark circles and it was horrible. I purchased it again in a Medium this time and I will try it out sometime, but definitely stay away from the brightening color because it does just the opposite!
Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths. These cloths were SO wet and didn't do the job at all. It wouldn't even take off the cheap eyeliner I was wearing that day. I've also heard some people having bad reactions to this stuff so after a failed use of it on my face it has been downgraded to scrubbing swatches off my arm, which it also does a poor job of.
Pixi Lip Balm in Coral Crush. There is no color in this and the formula is super drying on my lips. When I use it I have to reapply at least every hour.

What are some of your favorites and unfavorites from this month?

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  1. I really like the Pixi balm I tried but my mom was not a fan. I absolutely love a good nude polish too!