Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: theBalm Coconut Milk Cleansing Face Cream

This has got to be one of the strangest products I have ever used. It's a combination face wash and moisturizer where rinsing is optional! Originally I purchased this as a possible cleanser to use with my konjac sponge or a facial brush but this is definitely more suited for a hot cloth method. Anyways here are my thoughts and review using this item as a traditional face wash as well as simply wiping it off. So the product in question today is theBalm's Coconut Milk Cleansing Face Cream which retails for $26! As with all of my theBalm skincare, I got this off HauteLook at a heavily discounted price. There's been highs and lows for me in theBalm's skincare department but the prices can't be beat on HauteLook and I'm always suckered into picking up a few items to try out.

From the website:
"This hydrating, lightweight milk cleanser gently removes dirt and makeup trapped in pores. Lactic Acid works to polish the dull outer layers of the skin. Hydrate and refresh your skin while cleansing."

I was drawn to the name of this product, it just sounded like it would smell delicious (yes this is the logic I follow when purchasing skincare apparently) and I must say I wasn't disappointed. Getting a little ahead of myself here though. This product is targeted towards normal to dry skin which my skin definitely isn't either, but I was still interested in trying it out and decided that my skincare wasn't going to be limited by what the packaging dictates! It comes in a plastic squeezy bottle and the product is very creamy and thick for a face wash, similar to the consistency of a slightly watery body lotion. The smell is delicious coconut with a hint of vanilla, not overwhelming but heavenly. I really appreciated this smell because a lot of their products either don't smell like what they say it will (looking at you almond microdermabrasion scrub!) or it has this overpowering herbal scent to it that I'm not crazy about. This one really hit the smells right because if I close my eyes I can imagine I'm rubbing a luxuriously creamy coconut cupcake all over my face.
I'm going to remind everyone again that I have combo/oily skin so this product is not directly targeted towards me but I feel like I can still make a fair assessment of this item!

After going through some reviews online I decided to try it first as a makeup remover. I took a small amount in my hand and massaged it all over my face really letting it break up everything on my face. Afterwards I followed up with warm water on a wash cloth and wiped everything off. It did a fairly decent job at getting my makeup off but it definitely didn't get all traces of my more stubborn eye makeup. The effects on my skin afterwards though were phenomenal (in the short run). My skin felt silky soft and clean. This stuff is ultra moisturizing so I can see how this would be a wonderful product for dry skin because it is very nourishing while also effective at cleansing your skin. With my skin though I had an extra issue with getting really oily an hour or two later but that was expected for a super hydrating product that I didn't rinse off completely.

I also tried it as a typical cleanser by rinsing it off afterwards and that worked much better with my skin type. My face still felt soft and clean but there was an absence of the oil slick that occurred when I just wiped it off.

Overall I think this is a fantastic product for those who have normal to dry skin due to it's superb hydrating properties. Those with oilier skins can still enjoy this product but with a hefty price tag it's not something I would suggest to oily/combo skin people to run out and buy. It was a nice treat and I'll enjoy using this delicious smelling cleansing cream but I probably won't repurchase this.


  1. Don't worry I also purchase products based on what I think they will smell like. I have Combo skin as well which is too bad since I would love to smell this!

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