Thursday, November 20, 2014

Unboxing Memebox Collaboration Box #4 CutiePieMarzia 2

Normally I like to go for the surprise boxes but this collaboration box had a certain item in it that I was dying to get my hands on so I purchased it. In hindsight I could have just bought the one item for a lot cheaper by itself since this box is kind of makeup heavy (boo!) but oh well. I plead momentary insanity and getting swayed by the cute custom box!

For those that don't know what I'm talking about Memebox is a Korean beauty non-subscription box that sells boxes of surprise products curated with different themes in mind straight from Korea! Like I mean your box is shipped to you FROM Korea! These are great deals because boxes typically run between $19 - $39 (there are more expensive ones) but the value of the boxes are usually double and often triple the price you pay! 

This one is the Memebox Collaboration Box #4 CutiePieMarzia 2 which is a special Superbox (so all full sized products) that was curated by some YouTube star that I have never heard of. This cost $23 + $6.99 shipping for a total cost of $29.99.
From the website:

CutiePieMarzia fans rejoice! Memebox is thrilled to bring you the 2nd collaboration with the fabulous CutiePieMarzia. With over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, CutiePieMarzia's beauty channel is filled with darling moments and we're sure you'll fall in love with her 2nd box right away! 
Marzia's 2nd box is packed with some of the loveliest items we've ever laid eyes on, so if you missed out your chance to grab her 1st box, don't miss out this time! CutiePieMarzia fans know she won't disappoint, and this box is packed with the best of K-beauty we know you're going to love!

Always on top of her beauty game- grab this box and you'll see what we mean!

This box shipped October 23rd and landed on my door step November 11th. For some reason I felt like this one took forever to get here but in reality it was just about two weeks.
TonyMoly Red Appletox Honey Cream | Retail: $12
This was the cute little guy I wanted. Shame on you adorable apple shaped face cream for luring me into purchasing this box of things I don't need! As we are moving into colder and dryer winter months and as my acne fighting skills get more severe, I'm dealing with the occasional dry, flaky skin (new territory for this oily skin gal!) and I'm in need of a heavier daytime moisturizer which won't also slick up my face. This seems to be the perfect consistency between gel and cream with the amazing honey properties that are both nourishing and bacteria fighting! It's a "gel cream" so I'm real excited to dig into this, and this also looks adorable sitting on my bathroom counter.
Cheek Room Lip Balm Clover in Cherry Clover | Retail: $12
A balm that I have to stick my finger into which I'm not a fan of. I guess the clover design is cute but I feel like this will be really goopy and sticky
Shara Shara Petit Friend Matte Lip Crayon in Pure Pink | Retail: $11
This is very pink and not something that will work with my skin color. Also creepy doll face on the pencil, not cute.
Shara Shara Triple Shine Color Shadow in Pink and White | Retail: $15
Eye shadow. What can I really say about this? Not only eye shadow but an eyeshadow trio which I hate. It's one thing for the colors to be in different pans but when it's all caked together like this there is the inevitable mixing and muddying of colors. And this doll face (too horrifying to take a picture of) is creeptastic. I must say this is the most useful of color combinations in my opinion but still the same I'm not sure if they will get used.
Revecen Face Control Foundation in Violet | Retail: $22
Color correctly foundation in violet...does anyone else imagine putting this on the base and then accidentally rubbing off your foundation so you are left with purple patches on your face?? Purple patched fears aside I actually don't have any violet color correcting products so this will still be handy to have.
Theyeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-one Serum | Retail: $20
This is the only other product I'm truly excited about. I'm really getting into serums and I've been reading a lot about the great benefits of vitamin C for your face because it has awesome skin brightening and evening effects (I have a fair amount of acne scarring). Upon closer inspection this is much more like an essence (watery consistency), nevertheless it will find a happy home somewhere in my skincare line up. Also just say it with me: HALLA-BONG!
Dr MJ Bee Tox Control Cream | Retail: ??
This is a neat little product and was my free mystery gift! It wasn't on the card and I couldn't sniff out a retail value but I won't be counting it towards the box's total value anyways. This is a face cream made with bee venom which I'm definitely interesting in using. Bee venom is suppose to do all kinds of good for your skin mostly in the repair department so I can't wait until I can throw this into my skincare lineup.

So in the end I paid $29.99 and got a total of $92 in products. Honestly I was only excited about two things and the $32 price tag that comes from this just barely covers this box. Besides that awful Halloween box this has to be my worst Meme purchase especially since I could have gotten that cute little apple for WAY cheaper on Amazon. Actually Urban Outfitters sells the Appletox IN STORES...What can I say, I was swept up in the moment of the Memebox.

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