Thursday, November 6, 2014

Unboxing: POPSUGAR Must Have October 2014

I know it's November but my Popsugar took THAT long to get here! They went through a whole site and system redesign and had a huge amount of issues and there were mass delays. It was really ugly. Not only that something is even missing in my box! I'm not too upset over it but the day after I received the box an email was sent around with a special customer service email listed in there so I sent them an email about it and I was promptly given a "this team does not exist" message. Not pleased. More details to come, let's just go through the things I did receive in this box.

Popsugar costs about $40 a month and is a lifestyle box so there's a mix of beauty, fashion, food, and home items! There is great value in the box normally well over $100 and it is sent monthly with a theme curated to the season. This month was a disaster with their new updates and this box just showed up at my door one day with no warning or shipping email sent.

Dean & DeLuca Pumpkin Spice Maltballs | Retail: $5.50
Just like everyone else I totally read meatballs on the packaging, while it would have been gross to ship meatballs if they could figure out the logistics I would have been so much more pleased with that since I definitely pick savory over sweets! Anyways, I'm not a huge chocolate person but these were delicious and I ate them all in one sitting shortly after I took the picture!
Happy Socks Animal Socks | Retail: $12
These are a cute and really fun print, but what is fall about this?? The grey and the red, I'm not sure what season they belong in! I'm disappointed it doesn't seem to fit the theme however I do love me some socks and these are super soft and cozy to wear!
butter LONDON WINK Eye Pencil Crayon in Earl Grey | Retail: $18
Ever since I learned that butter London does more than nail polish I've been interested in try some other products out since I'm not crazy about the polish formula. But a eyeliner in silver??? If there's someone out there that can pull of silver eyeliner on a daily basis please come forward. Last month the beauty item was a can of overpriced hair spray and now this, I'm not digging it...
Isaac Jacobs International Acrylic Frame | Retail: $36
So I guess this is kind of cool it's a magnet frame where you stick a picture between two chunks of plastic, but honestly I think it looks kind of cheap. I'll probably still use it, I love framing photos, but its still just plastic to me.
Mine Design Chalkboard Candle | Retail: $24
The only item I truly loved in this box, but still questioned over the fall-ness of it. This is adorable though, a delicious smelling pomegranate candle that is in a chalkboard holder so you can write little messages or draw designs on it. The second I opened the box I was assaulted (in a good by) by the smell and I seriously had to check myself after realizing I had been sniffing it for five minutes straight. I will definitely use the cup too after the candle is gone because I just picture writing "Dirty Brushes" on it and setting it in my bathroom. How cute would that be????

The last item I was suppose to get were some Halloween nail decals but after digging everything out those stickers were no where to be seen! I sent an email to them and over a week later I got a response that said they would send them to me but this was kind of disappointing to me because I would be getting them AFTER Halloween so what would be the point?

Special Extras!
K. Hall Designs Shea Butter / Olive Oil Bar Soap | Retail: $10
The Blue Jean Bar Blue Jean Box Gift Card | Retail: $40
This is a beautiful soap! I didn't think I would ever find myself saying that sentence! I'm not a huge bar soap user (special exception to amazing African Black Soap!) but this will make a beautiful stocking stuffer or gift! I'm intrigued by the gift card because it seems similar to Stitch Fix where a stylist will send you clothes to try on and you don't pay for anything unless you keep it. I've been interested in these services especially since I have the hardest time picking out work clothes so I might just need to try this out!

Honestly I'm really disappointed in Popsugar. This was a subscription I lusted for for over a year before I finally did it, September was decent because of that beautiful scarf but October was downright disappointing! Basically the only thing I liked with the candle but nothing about a pomegranate scented candle screams fall to me. I have one more month left in my three month subscription and originally I planned on picking up another three month sub just because December, January and February boxes seem like they would be a lot of fun but unless November really wows me, I don't think that will be happening. Not counting the special extras or my missing item, the value of this box squeaked in at just $95.50. This month really left a bad taste in my mouth for Popsugar and I will continue the saga of customer service and my nail decals as I receive updates.

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