Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday Wants

It's been awhile since I did any type of wishlists. I know with my ban earlier this year I proclaimed that these types of posts would be wiped out completely, but now that I have all of my makeup organized (organizing post still to come, sit tight!) I am more inspired than ever to work through my stash. I've already started sorting it out, gifting products to lucky friends and family because even though I LOVE certain shades (peach and berry blushes galore!) there is just no way I can go through everything before it gets gross and old or expired. This has been an eye opening journey for me and I've gotten to use a wide range of products and I'm more understanding of the priorities in my life. Therefore I felt it would be okay to come up with a rare wishlist post because they are things after careful research I know that I would love very much!

It's no surprise this that the majority of items on this list are skincare. Makeup I tend to go through phases but skincare I follow religiously. My nighttime routine is already 13 steps and always growing (read all about it here!) and I'm still building my morning routine, I'm in the test phase right now and I have products lined up for days to try out. Anyways I'll stop rambling and just get into the few special products I'm currently coveting!

1. Physician's Formula CC+ Powder $14. One of two makeup items in my wishlist. First of all this is so pretty in person, a powder with a rainbow of colors for color correcting. There are great reviews that says this is perfect for oily skin gals as a setting powder so I'm intrigued. I stare at this everytime I walk into the drugstore, the only thing that's stopping me is that it only comes in the shades "Light" and "Light/Medium". I keep going back and forth over whether or not the color will work or if I should hold onto hope that they will release more colors!

2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer $29. I've been wanting this concealer since basically the beginning of time, it just is so amazing (yes I've been that person dabbing it on in Sephora) but the price tag makes me cringe. Such a beautifully creamy consistency that is easily full coverage, I swoon over it. One day I will find a justified reason to buy this (I really don't need concealer at all) and it will be mine!

3. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Scrub $20. This is another one I have heard many people rave about and I'm seriously curious to try it out. I think at this point I've used so many scrubs it takes just one or two uses to know whether or not something is for me. It is a deep cleaning scrub that is gentle enough for all skin types but really effective. I have more than enough scrubs and cleansers right now though but once I work through my stash I think I will need to pick up a tube to try out!

4. theBalm Strawberry Nourishing Facial Serum $40. I mentioned my morning routine and currently I'm cycling through some serums and just haven't found one that I'm satisfied with. I'm obsessed with theBalm's skincare line (hits and misses but I keep going back) and I stumbled across this guy one day. That price tag is ridiculous so I'm haunting the pages of HauteLook waiting for it to go on sale there to snatch up and try! I'm looking for something lightweight but moisturizing for the daytime. I have combination skin so I don't need anything that encourages oil production, but I get some painful dry patches along my jawline and around my mouth that would enjoy some hydrating loving.

5. Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes $62. I thought all eye creams were the same until I cracked open the cutest little sample jar of this stuff. It is so incredibly creamy and rich with the best bouncy gel feeling when applying it. I can't explain it but I'm in love with the application and how it feels. It absorbs really well and is non irritating. This price tag is a bit of a shock but it's a generous tub that I can easily use for a year. I have a few eye creams already sitting in my stash though so this will definitely have to wait but I think this is my new holy grail eye cream!

6. Freeman's Feeling Beautiful Chocolate & Strawberry Facial Clay Mask $4. With that price tag the only excuse I have for not picking this up yet is simply because I'm out of storage space! I'm forcing myself to finish at least two masks in my collection before adding it to the list. I only recently realized this mask existed and it sounds like the perfect indulgent face mask! I'm not a fan of eating chocolate but the smell sure is heavenly and I would love nothing more than to smear a delicious chocolate concoction all over my face. Delectable smells aside, this is a clay mask so it's great for stripping oil and detoxifying pores which is perfect for my skin!

7. Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic $29. I've been lusting after this toner for a LONG time. Even though it's targeted towards normal to dry skin, everyone that has used it can not say enough good things about it! Apparently it just changes your skin and really makes it glow like it claims. This would be fantastic in my morning routine, but again I have quite a few toners I'm cycling through right now from my stash but once that is done I will definitely be picking this up!

8. FabFitFun Subscription $50 per quarter. Don't worry that's not an affiliate link, it's just a direct link to their website. After getting PopSugar for the past two months I'm realizing how similar FabFitFun is but the products seem better! It's a quarterly box, so four boxes per year I'm seriously considering picking this up at some point! I'm loving what has been coming in the boxes and there are always a ton of coupon codes out there so I might just bite the bullet (or add this to my Christmas wishlist!).

I'm not going to even try and hide it, I've been following a lot of blogs lately (Evolution of a Foodie and Beauty on a Beer Budget I'm looking at you!) that have me tempted to jump on the Indie train! When I have some time I'm definitely going to do some research and I think I may need to take the plunge and order me some goodies!

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