Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 In Review

I seriously apologize for the amount of reflection and updates posts that have come lately. 2014 has been a big year and I'm doing everything I can to document it so of course it is appropriate to come here on the last day of the year and just look back at everything that has happened. This will be a little different since I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing me repeat myself so I think it will be a fun time to just kind of reflect on a few things as well as talk about some random revelations. Okay go!

First of all, why has it taken me so long to cut layers back into my hair?? The dramatic slash in hair volume has been life changing in that a single hair tie can now hold up a pony tail and drying time has been reduced to under an hour! However I do miss my flat boring hair so I think this shorter layered look will be great for winter when I just can't be bothered, but I do want my hair to grow out again!

Almond milk. Why haven't we gotten acquainted before?? Last winter I have a brief stint with almond milk where I enjoyed adding it to teas, this year I'm obsessed with it straight out of the fridge. I love the Blue Diamond Vanilla flavored kind, and I know I should be hooked on the unsweetened stuff but it just tastes so bland to me, I can't do it. I can easily go through a carton of this stuff on my own in a week, not the best but I'm telling myself that guzzling almond milk is better than my usual addiction apple juice sooo....

You know I have to sneak in a bit about how much I love this blog. I'll be the first to admit it was a slight struggle when my personal life got out of control and it turned more into a chore than a passion but I think I finally bounced back. The decision to break up with many subscription services and telling myself it's okay not to unbox everything on my blog has seriously helped and my skin calming down has encouraged me to try out more things and giving me more content to write about. I hope everyone is excited as I am about what 2015 is going to bring! January is already completed planned out and I can't wait to get started on all my new ideas.

All the way back in April I took an amazing trip with a friend to Iceland and I actually filmed every minute of it! It's taken me a long time to get around to editing the video but I had so much fun doing it and it's giving me crazy ideas that I can possibly start doing more videos, or vlogs because I just loved compiling all that stuff together. I don't live the most interesting life but maybe trips and other fun outings I will start pulling out a camera more and documenting it all! As for these videos I'm talking about, it's a two parter and I've only finished part one so far but don't worry as soon as I'm satisfied with both I will definitely dedicate a post to these videos as well as some accompanying text for more information on my trip! It might have taken more than an year but I'm sure it will still make for interesting content!

This year I also took hoarding to a new level for beauty products mostly thanks to my subscription box addiction and ability to chase down amazing deals (hello Lorac Pro 2 plus a full sized mascara for $20, yes, have I touched it yet? Nope!) but in return I've discovered the joy of helping people find their own holy grail products. I make it a weekly effort to organize my impressive stash and I'm constantly going through things and putting together little packages to send off to various friends and family members of stuff I know they will like that I know I can't possibly get to before it expires. It feels really good to receive a text or call that something I've gifted is someone's new can't live without product. I absolutely love it and if it weren't for my horrible people skills (sometimes I really hate people...) I think I could make a fantastic personal shopper!

I have such an addictive personality that once I start a TV show, no matter how bad it is, I just need to see it through to the end. This year I'm thankful that a huge number of my shows have decided to end so slowly my life can return to a state where it is not controlled by a TV show tracking app. So sad, but true.

I also learned not to hate my birthday this year which is a HUGE accomplishment. It's the first one in years that hasn't ended in tears. I'm talking about sad horrible tears, not happy tears here. I think it's because I decided to have zero expectations and make no plans for it, and because of that it turned out quite fantastic! I think I'm going to employ the same notion for tonight, that's the other big one that usually ends in tears or 4am ER visits, and I think I can finally have a great New Years too!

So if you've stuck with me for this long I applaud you. I am just bursting with randomness right now, hence my serious need for a planner to get my mind in check. I hope everyone has a safe and happy new years and I'll see ya next year!

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