Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fun & Festive: Christmas Favorites

Holidays are from rambling so grab a cup of something warm and hunker down with me here. First of all Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to all!

Holidays are really sneaking up on me this year. First Thanksgiving came out of nowhere and there was the great marshmallow debacle where that didn't make it on the shopping list for the yams therefore it became a Thursday morning scramble to find a grocery store that was open....but how is it already Christmas?! Christmas has sadly turned into one of those holidays for me that just kind of come and go, there was never a tradition of a big Christmas dinner and now present giving has also been banned. However there are a few things that scream Christmas to me, others might argue that these are just winter essentials but these are really the things that put me in the Christmas mood.

Loungewear, more specifically soft and stretchy over the knee socks and cozy flannels. Christmas time to me is about being warm and comfortable and while you receive the warm fuzzies from being surrounded by family and loved ones, it doesn't hurt to be swaddled from head to toe in comfortable clothing.

Christmas to me also means warm drinks and baked goods. Personally I'm a huge fan of the Pillsbury Ready to Bake cookies, but all baked goods are good in my book. Also it's the season of Christmas themed teas (Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride is my favorite!) as well as hot chocolate stirred with a nice peppermint candy cane.

The last things that really put me in the Christmas spirit is special tree ornaments and Christmas scented candles. While there is not much Christmas celebration going on, I always make sure to have a fresh tree to decorate each year and something new I started doing this year is going out and buying a special ornament. This was an accidental action this year but I think it will be something I will carry on from now on. Any season and holiday is an excuse for me to raid Bath & Body Works for candles but there's something about a Mint Chocolate Chips and Vanilla Snowflakes that really get to me. Despite always picking the most generic scents that are clearly just repackaged with a festive name they just smell better to me.

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