Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Blues: Blogging Isn't Easy!

WARNING: This isn't a very positive post. I'm a definite Grinch but it was a needed and refreshing thing to do!

I had every intention of making a cutesy holiday post for today but with the risk of sounding like a Scrooge, I just didn't feel like it! Instead I would really like to come on and just kind of speak my mind about something that has been bothering: blogging isn't easy! A lot of you are probably thinking duh, but I just really wanted to highlight some aspects about it.

I started blogging as an outlet with no expectation that anyone would ever read my blog. Heck I didn't even tell my mom about it and refused to share the link with anyone. Since then it really has grown into my baby, I've joined blogger groups and become more open about my blog. It doesn't happen often, but every once in awhile I will get a little frustrated with the blog and it turns more into a obligation than a real passion. Lately it's really been hitting me hard and nothing has been motivating me to really work on my blog so I thought it would help to let some steam out about it.

1. The monotony of everything is really getting to me. I did this to myself a little by going overboard with purchasing subscription boxes and promising unboxings. The upside is a lot of content, the downside is that it's a lot of the same content. I'm truly getting sick of doing unboxing posts and I will admit there are a few boxes that dropped on my doorstep that I quietly omitted from my blog. It's just the same thing everytime: product picture, product price, small blurb of what I thought. There's a serious lack of creativity and variation when it comes to it. My blog used to be an even mix of unboxings, reviews, nail posts, DIYs, and even informational posts, but the past few months it's been a clear domination of unboxings. The monotony of these posts is really getting to me and is just not inspiring to look at. I am not a subscription box blog but frankly I've turned into one at this point.

2. The pressure to stay on trend and current. Honestly this goes a lot with the whole subscription box thing, I have so many of those boxes coming in that all other content gets pushed on the back burner. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul I wanted to post, never happened because December already had a full calendar of unboxings. The same thing is happening now for any type of holiday or New Year's Eve post. It's really sucked the life out of my blog and makes me sad that it seems like my posts are really irrelevant with the time. The Pantone 2015 Color of the Year post I had cooking, that got scrapped too. I have a lot of ideas that ultimately do not get executed simply because I already have too much going on in my blog.

3. Taking pictures and other technical difficulties. A lot of times I'm bitten by the writing bug and I am able to bang out a whole bunch of posts in one sitting. Going back and adding in pictures though is a whole other issue. I don't have a fancy camera or set up for taking pictures, and now that it is winter I go to work when it's dark and it's dark by the time I get home so I can't use natural lighting for pictures. So lately I've been frustrated with the quality of pictures and while Photoshop can help a little bit returning images to their true coloring, the time it takes to set, stage, and actually take all the photos that last thing I want to do is be sitting on my computer tweaking curves and subtle color variations. That being said I went through about two months recently in which my Photoshop settings got seriously messed up and nothing I was doing fixed it so that brought on a lot of frustration.

4. The unreliablity of mail. This is honestly is no one's fault and with the holiday season upon us but when things don't get delivered when they are suppose to, it really throws off my schedule and more often than not I am scrambling to throw together a half hearted post in order to just have something to put up. This one is a really pathetic whine but at this rate, might as well throw it in there.

5. Tight deadlines. Recently I've started partnering with more companies in order to allow my blog to gain some more exposure and working with tight deadlines are hard! This often involves shuffling things around because as I mentioned in the last point, things never get to me when they are suppose to! I also work in tech so I spend 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen and honestly sometimes the last thing I want to do is stare at a computer for even longer just to write.

So what does this all mean? Honestly if I don't get out of my funk soon I may need to reduce my posting schedule of five days a week to maybe three days but I also don't see this happening. The biggest problem I'm having now is the overabundance of ideas and my frustration of being unable to implement them all since some of them are time or holiday sensitive. Rest assured this blog will not go away, in fact I have posts planned and/or pre-scheduled from now until mid February. I'm greatly reducing the number of subscription boxes I'm subscribed to (idea! that will be a fun post to write all current and past subscriptions) so I think that will help. I'm going to try and give myself more wiggle room in posts, leave more question marks in the calendar so when inspiration strikes I am able to fit things in seamlessly.

With all that negativity out I do want to address that I am blessed to have this blog and even more blessed to have my loyal readers. Honestly if it weren't for you guys and your kind comments I think I would have given up awhile ago. I'm hoping this is just a case of Holiday Blues and my frustration will dissipate with the new year but I must say despite how whiny and ungrateful I sounded in this post it seriously did make me feel a lot better and more positive. Thumbs up for writing your feelings!


  1. Just stopping in to let you know I TOTALLY feel your pain!
    The deadlines, the never-ending subscription boxes...it can feel monotonous and stressful, especially during a busy season like The Holidays. Just get the "mandatory" reviews done, and throw the rest out the door. Missing one month of a random box isn't going to hit you too hard! I've omitted boxes plenty of times when I'm just not excited about them!
    You're right though-I've realized I've been working way too many subscription boxes at once, and I have had so many ideas for blog posts that havent happened because all my time is taken up by unboxings.
    My new years resolution is to write more product reviews, do more interesting themed posts, and MUCH less unboxings. We can do it! :)

    1. Resolutions! That's a really good idea!! Yes you're right 2015 is our year of reviews!