Monday, December 8, 2014

Nails of the Week #21: Models Own in Red Sea

I was perusing some blogs recently and saw some pictures of this combination and fell in love. Months ago I received the Models Own in Red Sea nail polish from Ipsy and just kind of stuck it on the shelf and forgot about it. It was a glitter topper of what looked like red flakes, but it's anything but just that! Who knew that such a basic looking nail polish could have such a dynamite effect! Basically when you layer it over black nail polish you get this gorgeous iridescent rainbow glitter effect and I'm obsessed. If you're curious I'm using the Rimmel Lasting Pro in Black Satin as my black base, but any black nail polish will achieve this for you. There are four more shades in this collection and now I'm mildly obsessed with hunting down the other ones so I can have a whole collection of gorgeous jewel toned glitters!

The formula is a little thick but the flakes are pretty densely packed in there so about two coats will give you full coverage on your nails. I did some googling and stumbled over this blog post that showed a bunch of swatches of all the colors, plus over different base coats. Go check it out, it's soo gorgeous and I just need them all!! Especially the pink and purple one!

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