Monday, December 1, 2014

November 2014 Favorites + Unfavorites!

Guess who FINALLY has more makeup favorites than skincare favorites this month?! I know I could hardly believe it either! I'm so ecstatic that my skin has finally calmed down so I'm comfortable enough to wear makeup again! I'm still not doing full faces of foundation everyday but I'm comfortable with a light BB cream and then slapping all the fun stuff on it. I also have a small handful of unfavorites this month, I actually didn't think I would but then somethings just really offended me near the end of the month and made the list. Anyways let's jump right into this.

insobeau Acnic Blemish Spot Solution
Chapstick Cake Batter
Sheet Masks
Let's start with the non makeup related ones first and get them out of the way. First up this magic bottle of pink powder is life changing. It managed to defeat a lurking cystic bump overnight for me! I use this mainly for big stubborn ones or the ones I feel lurking under the skin and magically overnight they just vanish. As for this Chapstick someone PLEASE tell me this isn't limited edition because this smell is to die for! It's definitely replaced my love for Strawberry because I take delicious baked good any day! Lastly I don't have a picture for these since I've used them all up and thrown it away but I'm a HUGE fan of sheet masks now! I didn't like them before because I could never find ones that fit my face but the ones I've gotten from Memeboxes fit beautifully and I use them as often as I can after my toner and before my serum step every night!
Style Y Natural Sketch Eyebrow Simple Tattoo In Natural Black
Jordana 12 HR Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil
I got this "tattoo" brow liner in a Memebox and was hesitant about it at first but it ended up being my favorite thing from the box. The color works perfectly and it really does make my brows budge proof. After I'm done with this I'm interested in seeing what similar products I can find at the drugstore since a liquid brow liner seems like the way to go! This one is an oldie but a goodie. This eyeliner pencil is amazingly black, velvet smooth to apply and dirt cheap to top it all off. It stays really nicely all day and doesn't smudge so I'm a huge fan. I've been cycling through black liners trying to get rid of the millions of samples I have so it was just this month I rediscovered this guy in my collection and we just fell in love all over again.
Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm
Rimmel Stay Matte in Translucent
Remember when I mentioned a light BB cream? Yeah this is what I'm talking about. I had a tiny sample of this that came with my Naked 3 palette and I used it to the last drop. It's comes in one color and is incredibly sheer so any kind of dark marks don't expect it to cover up. However what it does do is completely even out your skin tone, blur your pores and leave your skin feeling soft and considerably matte all day. I also love it because it doesn't really transfer so you can really fool people with this "I woke up looking this good" kind of natural look. That was strange to explain. Oh and it also smells like corn cakes which I think is delicious and amazing. Okay this got weird I'll stop. And another oldie but goodie, I feel like I favorited this recently but I'm still loving it this month which is this stay matte powder. It is just so amazing at doing it's job. That is all.
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Blushing
NYX Butter Gloss in Angels Food Cake
Two lippie favorites that are basically the same color so I like to use them together. The Lip Paint is suppose to be a Melted Lipstick dupe. I just love the texture of it and how it feels on my lips, this color is a MLBB color for me and I wear it all day every day. I've always loved butter glosses and this color is basically the same as the lip paint so when I'm on the run I like to apply this on top of the lip paint to fix it throughout the day because with the wand I don't need a mirror, but the squeezy tube I do, so it's just easier this way.
TheBalm Cindy Lou Manizer
Spa Ritual in It's Raining Men
I'm a long time Mary Lou Manizer fan, but only recently have I tried out Cindy. I actually love using this as a blush, it's a really natural flush of color that is quite lovely on the cheeks. Sticking with the sparkle theme is this gorgeous nail polish. For a more indepth review and pictures check out Mani Monday I did on this polish! It's just gorgeous.

Now for those products that chose the wrong time to get on my bad side...
elf Studio Powder Brush. I want to preface this with I normally LOVE elf brushes and I understand you get what you pay for but this one literally started falling apart of me after ONE use! I'm not sure it translates well in the pictures but there are clumps of hair falling out of it. I'm hoping it was just this particular brush because the shape and density is perfect, so I think I will pick up another one to try it out, but THIS brush in particular, no. You are going into the trash!
Nourish Organic Cucumber & Watercress Face Wash. You know those Softsoap hand soaps schools and large buildings normally use? The look and consistency of this reminds me of that, plus the strong watercress smell, ugh. No thank you! If I'm slathering something on my face I'm going to be really particular when it comes to the scent.
Skinfood Honey & Shea Butter Hand Cream. Does this stuff even do anything? I can't really describe it but it's really solid. Like you squeeze it out and if you're not careful the whole blob will just fall off your hand. With that being said it's not very hydrating, yet greasy at the same time so it just makes a huge mess without actually achieving anything.

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