Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Project Second Chance Results & New Round

It's a new month, so how did Project Second Chance go?? This was an interesting project I must say that was actually a lot of fun! Unlike Project Pan where the only mentality is eliminate product as fast as you can, this one required more creative problem solving to adapt these unfavorites to my needs. Let me first lead you through the four products I played with this month and then I will wrap it up introducing the four products I will be working with in December!

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation: I think it's safe to say this is the success story of this month. Moving into cooler months my skin is returning more to its combo state so this foundation worked out a lot better for me! Finally what worked is to use a really tacky silicone primer fairly thickly all over my face, using very gentle blending motions with a sponge and then pressing a matte powder on top. I must say I'm happy I finally found a way for this to work for me, but the process is much too labor intensive for an everyday thing. Also I'm still not too pleased with how much this product oxidizes so my face starts looking real dark 20 minutes later.

Butter London Fiddlesticks: I just don't think there is any helping this. It was just a hot mess every way I tried. I think it's time to just admit defeat with the nail polish which is a shame since it's such a fun color! I think this will be a toes only color from now on because lumps really don't faze me on the toes.
Jordana Eyeshadow Pencil in Eternal White. This was also a fail. It's just not creamy or blendable at all, and it's also hard to find a sharpener that could actually get this really sharp! At first I was thinking, brow highlight, lining the waterline or highlighting the inner corners of my eyes. Big fat no for all three things. I couldn't get it sharp enough for a natural waterline and the inability to blend it out ruled it out for any type of highlighting. I guess if I ever need to draw all over my body in white this will be a great product.
NYC Sun n' Bronze in Fire Island Tan. I'm back and forth on this. I must say that the top layer was glitter heavy but as I started to wear the product down the amount of glitter decreased dramatically, but it was still a little too much glitter for my taste! It's a shame though because it's a beautiful yellow based bronzer that works well with my skin but I just hate how I have glitter everywhere from it. I tried using a matte powder to blend it out but all that did was spread the glitter around more. I would say this is still useable because I doubt the glitter is as horrific as I'm making it out to be, but it will never be one of my favorite bronzers.
L'Oreal True Match Foundation. This foundation gave me a horrible breakout the one time I used it and I haven't dared to try it again since. To be fair I tried it at a time where my skin wasn't too stable so now that it has been clear for 2+ months now I think it is safe to give it a shot again and see if it really was the foundation or just the timing of it all. The things I do for this blog...(*fingers crossed against acne army*)
POP Beauty Nail Polish in Pink Popsicle. This nail polish was incredibly sheer and difficult to work with and it seemed like it would never dry. This month I will experiment with using white bases, different base coats, and quick drying sprays and drops. This is such a beautiful shade of pale pink so I'm really hoping something will work out!
Eyeko Skinny Mini Liner. Is this suppose to be black? It's incredibly watery and streaky and more of a pale grey than black. There really isn't anything I can do to help it except keep using it and see if I can be okay with it.
Becca Highlighter. This makes my face SO oily! Again this will be a dance of face powders and primers to see if I can make it work.

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