Thursday, December 4, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox Princess Edition #4 The Little Mermaid

My Memeboxes have been slowing down. Lately the website hasn't been putting out many boxes and the ones they do I'm not interested in. I have just five more Memeboxes coming in the mail but I think that will be the end in awhile. I have more than enough skincare to last for awhile so there's no point in hoarding more. I was extra excited for this one because Ariel is my favorite Disney princess, plus it is a purely skincare box so I snapped it up right away!

For those that don't know what I'm talking about Memebox is a Korean beauty non-subscription box that sells boxes of surprise products curated with different themes in mind straight from Korea! Like I mean your box is shipped to you FROM Korea! These are great deals because boxes typically run between $19 - $39 (there are more expensive ones) but the value of the boxes are usually double and often triple the price you pay! 
This one is the Memebox Princess Edition #4 The Little Mermaid which is a special box all dedicated to skincare with an Earth and Sea theme! This ended up being all full size which I'm thrilled about since that wasn't guaranteed! This cost $29 + $6.99 shipping for a total cost of $35.99.
From the website:

The Little Mermaid is by far one of our most favorite princesses. This beautiful red head is a daring, free-spirited princess with passion for adventure (just like you!) going from the ocean to land to try beautifying goodies that are fun and exciting! We’re taking the cue from this fab mermaid to bring you the best of skin care from both land and sea! Give your skin a beauty boost by cleaning out jammed pores, extracting dirt and other impurities to the root with deep cleansing and deeply penetrating skincare miracles! I mean, who looks as good as this girl in both water and on land? Use this collection of skincare staples made with the best ingredients from both land and sea, to get the clearest, brightest skin ever!

This box shipped November 11th and landed on my door step November 21st.
Grinif Collagen Aqua Peeling Gel | Retail: $20 (FULL SIZE)
dearberry Pure & Popular White Clay Pack | Retail: $12 (FULL SIZE)
I do have quite a feel of these peeling masks where you massage it until there are little balls of gel and dead skin but nothing that comes in a spray bottle! I think this is much better to better disperse the product evenly so I'm really excited to use this. This is other product is an Amazonian white clay mask, which I can always use more masks! This is suppose to be a deep cleanser that really sucks up sebum and impurities in pores and will leave your skin silky soft afterwards. Clay pack is on point with the theme, the spray seems a slight stretch but I'll give it to them for being an aqua gel.
Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream | Retail: $19 (FULL SIZE)
DD'ell Extra Vitalizing Serum | Retail: $42 (FULL SIZE)
This cream doesn't seem to fit with the theme well at all but it's a cream with hyaluronic acid that is very effective at pulling and locking moisture. I love serums and this one fits the theme really well since it is made with algae extracts! This one is packed with great vitamins and nutrients so I'm excited to use it!
Pure Smile Original Mask Sheet in Pearl | Retail: $1 (FULL SIZE)
Pureplus+ Bentonite Cleansing Soap | Retail: $12 (FULL SIZE)
Sheet mask!! There was an option between pearl and seaweed so I was excited for pearl! I just feel like the seaweed one would be very fishy smelling and not so pleasant to wear on my face. The last product is a bar of clay soap. This smells VERY strongly of clay, I mean I opened the box and that's all I smelled! Recently I'm getting into using bar soaps so this will definitely get used!

Overall this was a fairly low value box. I paid $35.99 and got back $106 in products. The bulk of the value comes from the serum so if that was a miss for you this whole box would be quite low value. This didn't seem to fit the theme too well and I think "Clay" box might have been more appropriate. I'm still pleased with this box because it's a bunch of solid skincare products I will use but I think I was hoping for more mermaidish goodies!

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