Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Unboxing: Superbox #71 My Cute Wishlist #4

Now that Memeboxes require signatures for all speeds of delivery (kind of annoying) I was really scared this box would come while I was out of town and then there would have been that huge hassle of going to the post office but lucky for me it actually came in the day after I got home! That being said, it's been nearly three weeks since I received it before I put up this unboxing and there's a few reasons for that: huge backlog of blog posts, the fact that I got regular shipping so I wasn't in a rush to be relevant with the times to put it up, and being completely underwhelmed/slightly disturbed.

For those that don't know what I'm talking about Memebox is a Korean beauty non-subscription box that sells boxes of surprise products curated with different themes in mind straight from Korea! Like I mean your box is shipped to you FROM Korea! These are great deals because boxes typically run between $19 - $39 (there are more expensive ones) but the value of the boxes are usually double and often triple the price you pay! 

This one is the Superbox #71 My Cute Wishlist #4 which is a box dedicated to all things cute! The first box was adorable and I missed out on the next two (which turned out to be okay since they ended up being creepy not cute) so when the fourth one cropped up I immediately snatched it up. This cost $23 plus shipping.
We bring you, the latest edition of our Meme-fans’ most favorite series, My Cute Wishlist #4! For endless days and nights, we scoured through the entire country searching for the cutest, most lovable beauty products in the world! We went through a deluge of beauty product wonders and carefully selected only the best to bring you a box packed with whimsical – and effective- beauty products that will once again make the My Cute Wishlist series a Memebox fan favorite! Loaded with some seriously adorable and hard-to-find beauty loot—straight from the hotbed of cute beauty products - this My Cute Wishlist #4 will make you ridiculously giddy with excitement! Who else does cute like we do?

This box shipped November 18th and landed on my doorstep December 1st.
Tonymoly Apple Red Tox Honey Cream | Retail: $12
Let's just get this repeat out of the way. I recently got this in the CutiePieMarzia AND Apple Mojito! I must say I appreciate that they wrapped the apple in bubble wrap this time because it actually unscrews pretty easily and my first one actually leaked in transit. Another backup I'm not too mad I guess. I'm a fan of this cream, it smells delicious and feels really nice on my skin, so despite being a little annoyed at the repeat, overall I'm okay with it. The cuteness level is there too!
Tonymoly Egg Pore Nose Pack (7 pieces) | Retail: $4
Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Milk | Retail: $1
From super cute to super average. I want to get these boring ones out of the way. I don't think either of these products are cute but I actually like that they are in the box! I could always use more pore strips and despite everyone getting these lip packs this is the first one I've ever received so I'm really interested in trying it out. Cute level: 0
Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick in Oh! Orange Candy | Retail: $5
Kind of cute I guess. They are so low value though I kind of wish we were given all three! While orange is not my favorite flavor, the fact that it's a very sheer tint, the color works well with me so I'm not mad at it. However I feel a little silly using this in public so while it is cute I'm not sure how often I would actually reach for this to make it worth it.
Pure Smile Snail Hand Cream Milk | Retail: $5
Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Black Head Steam Starter | Retail: $6
I don't have a huge blackhead problem but I do have large pores that get clogged so I am excited to use this Holika Holika product. It seems easy enough, massage into problem areas for three minutes and rinse off. And then there is hand cream...nothing exciting to see here. None of these have very cute packaging, personally I think the pig nose is slightly creepy so, not crazy about that.
ddung Liquid Eye Liner | Retail: $12
Yadah Vita-Whitening Aqua Gel + Puregreen Moisturizing Cream | Retail: $4
Creeeeeeeepy. That doll on the eyeliner disturbs me, and I'm not crazy over the brush application of liquid liners but I'll still use it. The prints on these two moisturizers, also disturbs me, but I'm intrigued by them. First of all the valuation on the card is wrong, that is for the full sized product which is 50ml so I'm a little peeved that a sample size came in a Superbox! However it does sound like a nice duo, the gel would be great during the day and the cream for night, so I'll save these for my overnight bag but I'm still annoyed and creeped out.

This box has a ridiculously low value. It cost $23 (plus shipping) and the contents only came out to be $49! This is my first Memebox that just barely doubled the cost (if you count shipping it just barely makes it worth it). I'm extremely disappointed in the value and the curation but at least I will use everything in this box. I think this is my first and last MCW box because clearly these things aren't going to get better.

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