Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday 5 Faves

I kind of want to start doing these things on a semi regular basis. I don't think I can possibly do it weekly because the pressure of coming up with five favorite things every week is just too much. Thanks to my handy dandy new blog planner (editorial calendar if we want to be fancy), I think it's completely possible to schedule one of these guys in possibly once a month? Anyways, happy Friday to you all, pull up a comfy seat and let's chat about some things that I have been obsessing over this week. Five things to be exact.

  1. First of all this song right here! Okay it's been longer than a week that I've been in love but I heard it on the radio and I haven't be able to turn it off since. The song is Cecilia and the Satellite by Andrew McMahon. The song itself is upbeat and fun with the sweetest story behind it. He wrote the song when him and his wife were expecting their first child (Cecilia) and it's basically a song about his own life journey and he has the intention for her to listen to the song and understand where he's come from. It's a beautiful idea and of course this one line in the lyrics "For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you", I just love it.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of Indian food however my recent snack obsession has been garlic cheese naan bread! I buy the small sized naan breads from the store and toast it in the oven with a little garlic powder on top and then I melt some cheese over it. So delicious and satisfying! It's just the perfect balance between savory and flavor with a little crunch. Now I just need to figure out a way to transport and be able to reheat it in a microwave so I can start bringing it in for work!
  3. I recently discovered this daily vlogger channel hereThePlusSideofThings, and I've been loving watching all the vlogs from the beginning. Their daughter Sophia is the cutest thing and watching her grow up is so amazing. Daily vloggers on YouTube have definitely turned into my favorite videos to watch, it's like tuning into your favorite TV show everyday, and I'm always on the look out for new families to follow so I'm glad I found this channel. Okay that sounded a little creepy but hey, if they are the ones putting their lives out there for everyone to see on the internet, I'm not weird at all for enjoying the show!
  4. I love doing face masks, it's almost a daily ritual at this point but a new thing I've started doing is what I like to call semi DIY face masks. I have a huge collection of face masks that do a wide variety of things, and come in different forms and consistencies. My most neglected ones have to be the powder ones where you need to add water and mix (it's just time consuming and messy) and the ones that are really thin in consistency (it's a mess trying to get it to stay on my face), so recently I had a genius idea of mixing these problematic mess makers together! This is the perfect solution since there is no guess work for the powder and it helps to thicken up watery consistencies! My go to combination has been with my ClariSEA charcoal powder with the Michael Todd Silk & Pearl mask. It's a perfect mix as one exfoliates and the detoxifies while the other moisturizes and softens your face. At this rate I'm going to be sad when my least favorite masks are gone because this is such a genius way to use them and I'm a huge fan.
  5. The last thing that I have been hopelessly in love with lately is Candy Crush's newest sibling, Candy Crush Soda Saga! It's very similar to the original game but there are new combinations as well as objectives for each level. There is more variety in the game play that I enjoy and it's nice being able to switch between the two as I'm waiting for lives to build up.
What are some of your favorites from this past week?

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