Thursday, January 22, 2015

Journey to Minimalism: Facial Cleansers #NYG

In this edition of #NYG, I am going continue my quest for minimalism and it is time to sort through my facial cleansers! Similar to my face mask debacle, I have a ridiculous amount of cleansers. It has to be the one product that I really love testing out and I can easily use a different cleanser every single day of the week. I'm finally realizing the benefits of sticking with the same products though so it is really time to use up the average and just stick with the good stuff. This will be broken down between morning and night cleansing since those are different. I'm usually not as fussy in the morning and it's the nighttime where I do the two steps in cleansing to make sure I really get rid of all that makeup. Also I'm looking at the pictures and noticing how nice my nails look! Since I'm not doing a NotW on this color (I've already kind of done it before) I'm going to say here that it is two coats of Essie's Sand Tropez and then the OPI Matte Top Coat over it! It looks so pretty and polished, I think matte nails are going to be my new obsession!

Let's start with the rejected cleansers first and a brief explanation why. Also let's comment on how difficult I made this picture. Holding three large bottles is not easy and it was even harder trying to position it so all the labels were facing the right way. I dropped that berry one many times before I finally managed to capture this photo! Next time I think I need to hire a hand model....(jokes)

Paula's Choice Pore Normalizing Cleanser: This is a nice gel cleanser, it works well but there isn't really a scrub to it which is what I prefer in the morning. I do a lot of product layer at night with thick creams so in the morning I like a little grit to really clean that all up. I also don't think my breakout situation is so bad that it warrants something as harsh as salicylic acid in the morning.
Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Facial Rejuvenator: I really love this stuff but it's hard to fit into my routine. Often I am in a rush in the morning and it suggests a full minute of massaging it into your skin followed by another mint to let the enzymes really work. Obviously I don't use this everyday, it's more of a once a week sort of thing. I'll continue using it that way but once it's done I won't be repurchasing it.
Borntree Vita Berry Cleansing Foam: Just one of those things that I got in a Memebox. It doesn't really foam up all that nicely which is another favorite of mine for the morning. Foaming cleansers are great for getting the job done too.
The lone winner for my morning time cleansing is my tried and true Aveeno Daily Detoxifying Scrub! It's a little pricey for a drugstore item but it lasts forever and achieves the perfect blank canvas I want in the mornings! I've used this stuff for years now and even when all the other ones were going through rotation I still always had one of these guys open.

I'm a night shower-er so these are cleansers I use in the shower. I take off my makeup using a cleansing oil and then I follow it up with a cream or gel cleanser to get all remaining traces of makeup and the oil off. Then I like to follow up with a scrub occassionally. I had a harder time weeding out my nighttime products but in the end I picked just four to keep around, two options for each step. Here are the rejected cleansers, plus one more than didn't quite make the picture.

Derma House Deep Cleansing Cream: It's just a cream cleanser that lathers real nice but there's nothing special about it and I just have other "first step" cleansers I like better.
Feeling Beautiful Kiwi & Yogurt Cleanser: Pretty much all of these in this list are just average performing, there's nothing wrong with them I just like something better. This does smell really nice though, I'm discovering that I'm quite attracted to kiwi scents.
Feeling Beautiful Apricot Scrub: I actually quite love the gel texture of this scrub, but as a scrub it's just meh. It also smells awesome, like a tropical fruit smoothie, however smell doesn't trump effectiveness so it's gotta go.
theBalm Coconut Milk Cleansing Face Cream: Probably the only cleanser I'm not a huge fan of. It smells heavenly like a vanilla coconut cupcake, but it's just not right for my skin type so therefore it doesn't work very well. I explained this when I did a full review on it, it's a nice product just not for me.
Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub: This is the one that didn't make the picture. It's nice but I just have better options. This was when I made a big Mario Badescu order because I was curious to try their products but in the end I wasn't too crazy over the stuff I got.
First up are the "first step" cleansers that made the cut. My Shea Terra Organics Authentic African Black Soap is the first bar soap I've used for cleansing my face and I'm hooked. Black soap is really good for fighting acne as well as lightening scars and overall evening of the skin tone. When I feel pimples forming this is my go to soap. The other one is the Michael Todd Honey & Oat Cleanser. This is just a really great gentle gel cleanser that leaves my skin clean and feeling soft. I also went through a Michael Todd phase of ordering a bunch of products to try and this is the one that has remained that I've repurchased.
The last two are my scrubs! First up is the Anna Naturals Glowing Mama Walnut Scrub. This stuff is so deliciously creamy with the right amount of ground up walnut shells for the scrub. It's a great exfoliator that leaves your skin feeling purged and hydrated all at once. This is probably the only great find that I ever got from Beauty Box 5 but it's reasonably priced and a great find! It also helps that it's an all natural product that is safe for anyone to use. If you've read any posts on this blog you won't be surprised that theBalm Kiwi Facial Scrub is a keeper. I use the word obsessed a lot but I am maniacally obsessed with this scrub. I think 4 out of 5 posts I somehow I mention this stuff at least once. I'm going to cut myself short here but you can read a full review here if for some reason you missed all my lunatic raving about this product.

And there we have it. The round up of all my open cleansers and the ones that will be sticking around. I'm seriously so excited for all the empty posts that will come this year as I finish up these cleansers! I know five cleansers is still a lot but I just couldn't pick between some that have different functions! I'll admit I have a fairly large stock pile of unopened cleansers, these are just the open ones...., but that's a beast to tackle for another day.

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