Friday, January 23, 2015

Nail & Hand Care Routine

This should have been in my New Years Goals, but I think it's high time I step up my nail and hand care game. Not only are hands the one of the first things to show signs of aging, but I'm clearly very into nail polish so I thought it was high time I started taking better care of them all. I have a bunch of cuticle oils and hand creams, but I was never in the habit to use it. I've finally built a routine for myself to encourage better care of my hands and I'm excited to share it with you all! I'm including the extra steps that I do just once a week as well as the daily habits.

I've spent the past month researching items and figuring out the exact problems I wanted to address. Of course there is the overall goal of keeping my hands hydrated but there were also some specific issues I wanted to work through:

-Cuticles. I naturally have nicely shaped nail beds but I wasn't satisfied with just pushing back my cuticles, I wanted a way to actually clean it up.
-Peeling nails. I love glitter which is damaging to the surfaces so I wanted a solution to that.
-Dry edges. This is the year of dryness for me, I'm fighting horribly itchy chapped lips and peeling finger tips which has never been an issue in the past!

Product: Sally Hansen Cuticle Care Instant Cuticle Remover
Frequency: Once a week (or less)
This is probably the newest step in my routine. The thought of chemically burning off my cuticles was a little scary but I'm glad I do it now! My manicures look so much more cleaner and professional. I'm still working on the technique but except some better looking nails for my nail series! This step I do everytime I change my polish but no more than once a week.
Product: Nail Buffing Block
Frequency: Once a week (or less)
This is a tricky one. I try not to buff my nails because there are some horror stories of over buffing your nails where they become painfully paper thin, but sometimes the peeling action on the surface from scraping off glitter just won't allow me to apply nail polish evenly so it is a necessary step. I only buff very lightly on the nails that need it and only if the peeling is at the top half of the nail (so it can quickly grow out and I can chop it off). Sometimes I end up just carefully trimming off the peeling and using some thick base coats to smooth out the surface enough for an even paint job.
Product: True Blue Spa 60-Second Manicure Hand Scrub with Sugar
Frequency: 1-2x a week
I'll admit sometimes I use a regular body scrub, I mean it's all exfoliating with sugar to me! Once or twice a week I'll give my hands a good scrub to really slough off the dead skin so my hand creams can really get deep down to moisturize.
Product: Julep Essential Cuticle Oil
Frequency: Nightly
I got this in some type of subscription box but it is one of the most useful things ever! I just roll this all over my cuticles right before going to sleep and the oil really softens and soothes my cuticles and the skin around it all.
Product: Tocca Crema de Mano in Cleopatra
Frequency: Nightly
I have a ton of hand creams and at the time of writing this post this is the one I happen to be using. It's one of my favorites because it smells amazing (grapefruit and cucumber!) and it also absorbs really well. Greasy hands are one of my biggest pet peeves!
Product: Skinfood Honey & Shea Butter Hand Cream
Frequency: Multiple times throughout the day
Throughout the day I carry a hand cream on me to apply whenever. Currently this is the one I'm using, it's not my favorite because it is a little greasy but it is very hydrating so it works. I try at a minimum to use it after everytime I wash my hands and basically as often as I can remember.

So that is my complete hand and nail care routine for throughout the day. The specific hand creams I use change often, I don't have a favorite (except maybe that H2O+ one that I have a huge bottle of!) and I'm still at the point where I'm overwhelmed with bottles from subscription boxes that it will be awhile before I have some set go to products.

What are some of your hand and nail care essentials?

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