Monday, January 19, 2015

Nails of the Week #26: Fun with Stencils!

I swear after every title I put an exclamation point. is a monumental day, we are officially caught up on these nails! What does this mean you ask, this is the manicure I did YESTERDAY so this is literally the nails of the week for me! With the help of some new tools I'm finally experimenting with some new nail art techniques and this week I'm bringing you a fun one with the help of some sticker stencils. My color choice could have been better, originally I picked up a nice dark green but at the last minute I decided to swap it out for this slightly pearlescent dark blue since it was a polish I've never used before...bad move.

The base is Essie in Chinchilly one of my favorite purple greys. Then I used the middle slightly swooped sticker (you'll know what I'm talking about in the pictures) and stuck that so there would be a triangle at the tip. Then I used Zoya in Neve which is the blue I was talking about above and I finished with my handy Color Club Nail Art Duo in White for the dots because it just looked incomplete if I left it alone. I definitely need work placing the stickers better but I already have a great idea for my next one using the chevron sticker but it has a more resort collection of color so I'm waiting for the time to be right!

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