Monday, January 26, 2015

Nails of the Week #27: Shades of Blue

So story time again! When I started out painting my nails this is not what I intended on doing. I wanted to just the blue and they use a matte coat but basically what happened was I got the blue down, realized I was running ridiculously late and had to just dash out the house. I managed to chip the tips on a few nails and instead of just starting over, I decided to slightly mimic my NYE nails as a quick fix to cover up the chips. I'm actually quite in love with the second polish I used and I think my next mani will be just that color, perhaps matte?? I'm clearly obsessed with the matte nails right now.

Anyways so the exact colors are both Essie polishes, the base being Hide & Go Chic which is a beautiful basic blue. Would you say it is a royal blue? On the tips in the same single stroke motions of varying lengths is Dive Bar which is this great dark blue with blue and emerald sparkles. I can just imagine how gorgeous this would be all over the nails. From far away you can hardly even tell it is two colors but close up you can see the almost dripping paint effect that I created with it. Sometimes mistakes make the best manicures and it definitely made me realize what a gorgeous color Dive Bar is and I'm kicking myself for never picking it up!

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