Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Peek Into My Blog Planner! #NYG

What one of my goals should have been was to improve my handwriting! We live in such a digital age these days I don't even remember the last time I picked up a pen and wrote with it. Even through college I did the bulk of my note taking and writing on a laptop. It's sad to think that one day handwriting will be a lost art. Anyways, moaning aside, as part of my New Years series that I always attempt to do at the beginning of the year, I thought we could take a look at how I am achieving one of my goals! Today I'm going to walk you guys through my blog planner, so there's a reason for my earlier laments, I have VERY messy handwriting and it will be a miracle if any of you can decipher what I had written. If you can you will be treated to a nice sneak peek into the editorial calendar for the rest of the month as well as some insight into February that I've already started planning!

So I'm going to start off with saying this may not be my permanent planner simply because I just snagged a cheap one off Amazon real quick so I can start the year off with it instead of taking time to research planners. I decided pretty late in December that I wanted to start using a planner and I didn't want not having one right away to cause a delay. I grabbed this monthly planner off Amazon which at the time came out to be around $5 with free shipping. I had decided early on I wanted a monthly planner rather than a weekly planner just so I can open it up and be able to plan out a whole month of posts on just one page. It seemed silly to have a weekly section that I wouldn't use. That in itself was a difficult feat because as you can imagine most people want the weekly planners so they can plan out their days in more detail.

This planner is nice a small, about the size of an iPhone 6 Plus and wrapped in some plastic. It is strictly a monthly planner in which one month covers two pages when you open it up. Within each day I'm filling out my idea for a potential post. You can already see where I've decided to move things around, I need to think of a cleaner way to do that though because putting in these arrows is going to get confusing!
As you can see January is pretty much finalized when it comes to the schedule and a quick peek at February shows that I've put in the regular monthly posts (Favorites, NotW, Empties, etc.) but I'm still slowly filling in the other days.
I love my planner because it helps me spread out different types of posts evenly so never again will I get stuck with three reviews or unboxings in a row. I am able to visualize a whole month in advance and easily see when and where I should schedule posts. I can also imagine that months later I will be able to look back and see what I have already written about and be able to easily locate certain posts within my blog.

What do you do to keep your editorial calendar organized?

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