Friday, February 27, 2015

Budget Friendly Drugstore Skincare Brands

I've been wanting to this for awhile now but this idea just kept getting pushed back. Now with a definite drop in my subscription addiction there are less posts about unboxings and more posts about everything else tumbling around in my head! I love my high end products, there's a few things I will keep hitting up Sephora for, but on the other hand there are some great brands you can pick up at the drugstore that I don't believe get all the buzz that they deserve! Today I want to highlight some of these hidden gems. It's going to be mostly skincare or haircare focused because at this point I think everyone is familiar with all the great cheap makeup. It's a common misconception that good grooming (for lack of a better umbrella term) items must be expensive. It's the thought that using something to cleanse or care for yourself should be pricey so it's filled with good for you ingredients. This isn't necessarily true and I've found some great products at a very budget friendly price that everyone should consider looking at!

Simple. If you're like me you're like me you would have mistaken the plain packaging from this brand as a generic line, however it is packed with some amazing products. Touting items using minimal ingredients, my personal favorites are the gel moisturizer and dark circle roller ball for your eyes. These products are affordable and effective! Fun fact: they are the first to bring a reasonably priced cleansing water to the US and it's something I definitely want to get my hands on to try!

Garnier. While some items are a little pricier, this brand carries some of the most effective items in my opinion for those who suffer or have suffered from acne at a convenient drugstore location! My favorites include the dark spot corrector that in fact really works well to speed up the fading of acne scars, a full coverage BB cream that contains SPF in a non-greasy formula that stays matte all day, and a surprising one, which is an affordable cleansing oil which contrary to popular belief, is probably one of the best methods to thoroughly and gently cleanse an oily face. I could go on, but this is definitely a brand worth checking out, some of it is a little pricey for drugstore, however everything is affordable compared to designer products and work just as well if not better! Psst they have some pretty awesome hair products too including my HG dry shampoo!

Freeman's. This brand has every type of face mask and facial scrub under the sun and a large tube of the stuff hovers around the $3 mark! It's really worth it to try a few of them out because it really won't set you back too much! These items usually lurk on the bottom shelves of drugstores so people tend to overlook them, but next time you're in the store definitely squat down for a look!

Queen Helene. Home to my HG mint julep mask, this is another brand often overlooked. It has pretty plain and generic packaging, but everything I've tried from this line is fantastic. Ingredients are carefully mixed together for a well curated product that is effective while staying at a very affordable price. I do have a harder time finding these products but usually they can be spotted at Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond!

What are some of your favorite drugstore skincare brands?

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