Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday 5 Faves

Happy Friday Guys! I thought it would be a great time for another Friday 5 Faves and despite the fact that I'm regurgitating a lot of favorites that you just were informed about, I'll let you in on a little secret. I actually had that post ready to go about halfway through January so now it really is a testament to how much I'm loving certain things because 2 almost 3 weeks later I am still gushing about them!

1. Fresh squeezed lemonade. There's nothing like homemade lemonade and then using Truvia to trick yourself into thinking it is a "healthy" beverage. Either way I've been obsessed with doing this to the point where I juiced a bunch of lemons and froze them into cubes so I literally have lemonade whenever I want it.

2. Reading real books. I love using my tablet to read books off since it's super convenient and portable, but lately I've been obsessed with holding a real book in my hands. Nothing really beats that feeling and if I have any say in it, real books will always be around!

3. Coffin kissers. I feel like I'm just repeating everything from my favorites but Coffin Kissers are such a life saver. I've now moved onto the chocolate covered strawberry scent and I must say that it is on point. It has such great layers of scents with the chocolate followed by the light scent of fresh strawberries. I'm so excited to smell at the other ones I have!

4. Water sleeping masks. I really thought all moisturizers were created equal but then I tried out a water sleeping mask and wow what a difference in hydration to the skin!

5. Matte nails. I know I mentioned this in my favorites last month but I'm really in love with the whole matte nails look. I'm turning everything I have matte and finding that mattifying glitters and shimmers is a great idea too!

What are some things you've been loving this week?

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