Thursday, February 5, 2015

Journey to Minimalism: Lipsticks #NYG

The days I wear lipsticks are probably once a year. I went through a crazy lip phase and bought just about everything out there and have quite a stash at this point. As part of my New Years Goal of embracing minimalism, it is high time to go through everything and keep only the items I really love and will use. Luckily I have a bunch of friends and family who love shopping my makeup collection so I'm confident that all of the colors that don't make the cut will find loving homes! Currently all of my products take up a lipstick holder, three drawers in a small acrylic drawer set, and a small basket that is mostly brand new products that sits in my Alex drawer. My goal is to hopefully reduce my collection to half of what it is.

First I started with sorting all my lipsticks. I picked out the lipsticks that no matter what I wouldn't part with (my precious MAC and a few favorite butter glosses for example); brand new lipsticks those that have never even been swatched; lipsticks that have only been swatched but never worn; and lipsticks that have been used.
After that I divided each category up into colors: nudes, pinks and vamps and from there I just started swatching away! Taking note of similar colors, comparing finishes and recalling lasting ability.
In the end most of my brand new lipsticks got put in the give away pile. I split everything up because there are certain people I know wouldn't mind used goods (my sister, a certain Aunt), and then the rest were for friends and other relatives.
I'm pleased to show that my collection now fits comfortably in the lipstick holder and if I really wanted to, it could all fit within one drawer! However I split it up between used and unused. Through this whole process I have a crazy new idea for my next project that you guys can probably guess what it is! As soon as my mysterious lip problems have cleared up (nearly a month of painfully itchy lips that won't let up no matter what), I am excited to get started on that so look out either the end of this month or the beginning of March for something new and fun!


  1. I loved reading this- thank you for posting! I've been doing the same thing- trying really hard to minimize my stash, although I really want to get down to extreme minimalism...I know it's probably impossible for a beauty lover, but i haven't given up yet! I've gotten my lip products down from over 100, down to about 30. I'd like to have even less than that though! People are always saying they're envious of all my products, but I always tell them there's no way for me to actually use and enjoy them all when I have so many! I like to give my used/tested stuff to my sisters and my mom because I can't bear to toss out perfectly good stuff! haha :) Excited to read your future posts like this!

    1. It's rough but seriously worth it when someone ends up obsessing over a product that I just thought was okay :)