Monday, February 23, 2015

Nail of the Week #30: Zoya in Sansa

Why didn't anyone warn me that Zoya has the slowest shipping in the world?! It took over a month to arrive and I never received a shipping notification email! I mean it was a nice surprise and all but still...I don't think I will ever purchase directly from the Zoya website ever again. This was the only time I've ever contacted customer service about an order since I had a hard time finding any kind of status on my package. I must say that their customer service was very polite and helpful though so thumbs up to that. Anyway, mini rant over, here are my nails for the week and apparently I was still on a purple sparkle polish kick!

This gorgeous polish is Zoya in Sansa. I'm a Game of Thrones nerd so the name definitely hooked me but I must say it is more gorgeous in the bottle than it is on my nails. In the bottle it has the beautiful copper and green sheen to it but on my nails it's just a dark dark purple with some purple and gold sparkles. It was an easy polish to work with, two coats got it like this. I could have probably gotten away with one but I messed up on a few fingers and it gets dramatically darker with a second coat so I had to be fair to all the fingers. I'm thinking this will be a fantastic toe color in the future. Also note how short my nails are. They started getting a little brittle and peeling so I had to sacrifice the beautiful length and square shape for some stubby rounded nails. Fingers crossed they get their act together soon because I'm dying to try out my french tip stickers!

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