Monday, February 9, 2015

Nails of the Week #28: Matte Metallic Look

So continuing my obsession with mattify everything I chose a glittery/shimmer polish and decided to throw a matte coat on top of that. Now if I were smart I would have take a before picture of my nails but the color is pretty true in the bottle though I must say it got a little bit more pink when I put the matte coat on top of it.

The biggest surprise this week is that I am NOT rocking an Essie polish, this is actually OPI in It's My Year which was one of their Miss Universe collections back in 2011. I picked up this bottle from Nordstrom Rack hence why I was able to get such an old polish. This color before the matte coat is this beautiful jelly purple with a gold shimmer. Three coats required for full opacity. Now I didn't want to stop there so I applied a matte top coat just to see what would happen and I'm digging the look. It created a gorgeous matte metallic finish that effectively muted the base coat and really brought the shimmer to attention. This is definitely not a look that everyone will like but it inspires me to try out the matte coat on more glitters and shimmers.

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