Monday, February 16, 2015

Nails of the Week #29: Simple Heart Manicure

In honor of Valentine's Day over the weekend I decidedly to sport some festive nails! What I learned is that I'm horrible at free-handing hearts and especially left handed! Therefore the ones on my right hand are quite lopsided and I decided to quit while I was ahead because I just know if I tried to fix them they would just turn into blobs. But I must say I am quite proud of the white hearts, I think those both look pretty darn good!

So for this manicure I used Essie in A List as the base red. This is such a gorgeous bright red and probably the favorite out of all the reds that I own. I did two coats of it, probably should have done three since there is a tiny bit of streaking on some nails but I didn't want it to start getting two thick since I knew I would have to do two clear coats later. Then I used my trusty Color Club Nail Art Duo in Black and White to do a white accent heart and then black hearts on all the other fingers. They aren't perfect hearts but I think they are distinguishable enough.

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