Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Project Second Chance Recap + What's Next?

In the end this project ended up being a lot tougher than Project Pan. It was harder to motivate myself to pick items I had an initial bad impression of and force myself to use it. I think it is safe to say this is the first and last time I will be doing Project Second Chance! I also discovered that I had a lot of products that I don't use on a daily basis or it was hard to just incorporate it seamlessly into my routine. For example, I don't like doing eye shadow unless I'm also wearing a full face of makeup and the chances of me doing that for a regular day is slim to none. For items that appeared to be an application issue and not a wearability one I would spend weekends experimenting but truthfully it almost never got worn out, I just wanted to play around to see if I could get something to work. This was a great project in theory but for my habits and makeup wearing purposes it just ended up being a fail in my book.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded. Final verdict with this is that if I really warm it up between my fingers before applying it, it goes on just fine. Do I have the time and patience to do this all the time? No. I have better cream shadows or bases in my collection that unfortunately this is going to be something that will just sit there untouched.
Wet n Wild Silk in Breeze. I just couldn't find a way to wear this that I would like. You guys got a sneak peek in an earlier post about "empties" but I have admitted defeat on this one.
Davines This Is a Sea Salt Spray. Same as above, I can't justify damaging my hair on purpose anymore just for the sake of not wasting a product.
Essie Mint Candy Apple. If I use Seche Vite between each coat I can get a pretty flawless manicure with this! I'm excited because even though the color isn't as minty as I feel like it should be, it's still a nice blue and two coats is enough to make it work so this isn't a huge hassle for a nail color!

So what's next? I think for now I'm putting a pause on projects. Eventually I want to return to Project Pan again or attempt Pan that Palette, but right now I'm really focused on achieving my New Years Goals and I'm in the process of cleaning out my stash and giving away a lot of it. It's just not the right time to commit to another long term project!

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