Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Steps to Take More Steps #NYG

This one was tough for me. If I had the choice to go hiking or have a Netflix marathon, guess which one I would choose. That being said, this is exactly why walking more was one of my New Years Goals this year. I wasn't always like this, throughout college I was more or less a workout freak. There was a time in which morning gym sessions and nighttime runs were the norm but sadly after graduation, the free gym membership and having a beautiful beach to run on was ripped away, plus the office life promotes sitting on your butt 8 hours a day and then coming home too mentally exhausted to do anything but stare at the TV until bedtime. Sorry I'm making my life sound so horrible, but that's just the truth of it. Anyways, in order to combat that electronic zombie life that I have fallen into I've come up with a few tips and tricks that I would like to share on how I try to incorporate more movement into my life!

Get a tracking device. What I found has really helped me to walk more is my FitBit! It's just a bracelet to wear that tracks all the steps you take, so it's something I put on the morning and just forget about it. Being able to look back and see your daily progress is a huge motivating factor because then I also start to mentally challenge myself to beat the previous day's "score". Kind of like how I make a game out of drinking water, any chance I can to create competition for myself I am always more likely to do something! There are also a ton of free apps out there that can turn your phone into a pedometer, in fact Android phones have a widget for it! There's no excuses these days to not have something that tracks your movement throughout the day so get on it!

Set a low goal. This one may seem counter-intuitive to walking more, but if you set a goal of how many steps to take a day that is too high, the daily failure to meet this goal is devastating. There is no need to beat yourself up over not hitting your 50,000 steps a day goal, instead adjust your expectations and see how many steps you take on average and double that as your goal. Seeing totals at the end of the day that always surpass your daily goal is great motivation to get up and moving each day instead of feeling defeated.

Put an alarm on your phone. If your someone like me who leads a pretty sedentary lifestyle due to work (or school) where you just get lost in what you're doing at your desk, a great way to remind you to even just take a quick lap around the room is to set an alarm on your phone to remind you to get up and move. As an added bonus, it is proven that people who take short breaks throughout the day are more productive overall!

Keep things far apart. Until you get used to doing this, this is kind of an annoying trick but it is very effective and easy way to get extra steps in. Keeping items that need to be used together far apart is a great way to force yourself to move around more. For example, I keep my makeup in the bedroom but all the brushes and tools in the bathroom. In order to get ready I need to constantly walk back and forth to do so. Sure it is obnoxious as hell and you're probably wondering why I don't end up just leaving everything in one place. Easy. I'm an OCD clean freak so everything ALWAYS needs to be in its proper place. Yes I acknowledge this isn't something that will work for everyone, but if you're like me and live for organization, this is a super easy way to get even up to an extra 1000 steps a day!

Have something to work for. Besides competing with myself, rewarding myself is a great incentive for myself. For example I may reward myself with a new makeup product if I hit my daily goal for two weeks, or throughout the day I can withhold watching my favorite YouTube family until I walk a certain number of steps. This really drives me to make it happen because I want to reward myself. Again this probably doesn't work for everyone, apparently I'm just a very self motivated lazy person with incredible much confusion.

What are some of your tips and tricks for walking more? Clearly I wasn't aware I had such strange and personality specific tactics when I first started writing this post, but then I thought what the heck, at least one person might benefit from this, am I right?

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