Thursday, February 19, 2015

Top 5 FREE Phone Apps

This seems to go against my whole "unplug" goal in my NYG but this is quite a different post that I've never written for this blog and I thought it would be a fun one to do anyways. I have way too many apps on my phone, that's for sure. I'm definitely embarrassed to ever do a what's on my iPhone type of thing ever, but I've decided that it's okay to put together a top 5 of apps. Now I'm not including the obvious favorites, such as Instagram or Yelp, I tried to pick some more obscure ones to possibly spread the knowledge of what's out there. These are all apps that I use often and have shared with many friends who in turn fall in love with them too. All of them are available for free on the iTunes store and I'm pretty sure in the Google Play store too.

Songza. Ignore the fact that it says Monday, obviously I took these screenshots ahead of time. This is a music app similar to Pandora or Spotify, but what I love about it is that you can search for playlists based on activities or moods. The home page adjusts for various times of the day and has some suggestions of what you could possibly be doing right now and there are curated playlists for these things. It's really fun and a huge hit among groups of people and there are less commercial breaks (in my opinion) than the other music apps out there.
Bloglovin. My favorite app ever for keeping up with all my favorite blogs! It's real easy to use, just scroll through your feeds and tap into any posts. All the same buttons and features as the web version are there and this is the one app I'm always on when I'm out of the house and I have some idle time. This and Candy Crush of course.
Shopkick. This app really deserves some more love because it is so easy to use for free gift cards! You get rewarded with 'kicks' everytime you walk into participating stores (either once a day or week I'm not too clear) and some stores even have the options for you to scan bar codes for additional kicks. I use this all the time when I'm out shopping and I always cash in my kicks for Sephora gift cards!
 Waze. This is my favorite driving app ever! It has great turn by turn instructions and the screen shows you the next two steps. For example when it tells you to get off at a highway exit before you get to the exit, it will also show whether you turn left or right afterwards. Hope that makes sense, but basically it's great because I can easily get into the lane I need exiting instead of trying to force myself somewhere when I get to the light. Also all the information is crowd sourced so accidents and hazards on the roads are fairly reliable and is great extra information. But please be smart about it and only report these things if you're not the driver!
Shazam. Lastly is one more music related app. This one is pretty popular and I think the only one of its kind out there but it's probably my most used app. It's really good at tagging songs and whenever something comes on the radio or anywhere I can just Shazam it and it stores all the information for me to access later.

What are some of your favorite phone apps?

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