Friday, February 13, 2015

Unboxing: Eco Emi Chocolate Edition Box!

I received this quite awhile ago but it seemed appropriate to feature it on the blog for Valentine's Eve! This is something different that I've never done before but I decided to buy it for myself as a fun treat. This is the special edition Eco Emi Chocolate Box! It promised 8 chocolate themed goodies for the price of $16! Eco Emi has normal monthly beauty boxes that are always filled with eco friendly products. It's a very nice concept but the last thing I need is to subscribe to new boxes so these limited edition boxes are perfect for me. I wish this came with an info card but I'll try my best to get all the companies and product names right, however I'm going to skip doing the value of the box.

Nature's Natural Chocolate Raspberry Soy Candle
The All Natural Face Edible Cocoa in "Love Dust"
This candle is beyond adorable and I can't wait to burn it! It is very distinctly chocolate raspberry in scent and this packaging is just to die for. I'll admit I had to look up what this Edible Cocoa was all about but in my investigating I discovered that is an all over shimmer powder that is completely edible. It's very pretty and an interesting concept.
Sjaak's Organic Chocolate in Melk Chocolate
Sweetriot Pure 70% Dark Chocolate
The first is a Vegan milk chocolate that is made with rice and almond milk. This is a great option for those who are lactose intolerant and crave a creamier milk chocolate. These little squares (four in all) are adorable and the perfect size for a small snack.
Element Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes
Kawaii Chocolate Chip Brownie
So I'll admit I'm really not that crazy over chocolate, I was hoping for more chocolate beauty products, but these two snacks I am excited for! I love rice cakes and these were delicious, plus who can say no to a healthier brownie alternative that helps feed children in Africa!
Cisse Trading Co Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon Hot Cocoa
Ek Chok Chocolate Paste with Vanilla
I don't like chocolate but I LOVE hot chocolate. I know, confusing, and this chocolate paste looks like it will be delicious on some toast.
Overall this was a fun box though not a complete hit for me since I'm not a chocolate fan. Next time I will do more research since I expected more products rather than snacks to come in this. It has gotten me interested in possibly checking out the Eco Emi boxes and maybe I will even treat me self to a few months!

Did you get the Eco Emi Chocolate box, what did you think?

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