Thursday, March 5, 2015

Asian Beauty Haul!

Two weeks ago I came back from a trip in Taiwan and the number one thing on my list was to buy Asian beauty products! I think I definitely delivered on that, going especially wild in an Etude House store that I hunted down. My schedule has been insane since I came back, I spend very little time at home and when I am home it's usually because I'm asleep in my bed. So sadly I haven't gotten the chance to try anything out yet! There are a few things in here that I have used before and I just went for extras so at least I can share my thoughts on those. The total I spent for everything is roughly $150. Without further ado, let's get to the pictures and products of everything I picked up!!

I'm going to go chronologically of when I bought things. So the first place I picked some things up was this superstore that had sort of like a Target upstairs and a full on grocery store downstairs. I picked up a La Merridien Secret Pretty Princess Pore & Acnes Cleanse-Off Sheet Mask and a Garnier Duo Clean Whitening + Pore Minimizing Foam made with rice. The sheet masks are a box of 25 and full of good ingredients like witch hazel, calendula extract and aloe. The cleanser is something that seems region specific, so even though it's a brand found here, it's a product I've never seen before!
Next I went to Watson's which is like a Walgreens. I bought a Beauty Buffet Moisturizing Foot Mask and a big box of Beauty Buffet Sheet Mask Samplers. There are six different sheet masks (Rose, Raspberry, Rice Wine, Red Grapes, Cherry Blossom, and Black Pearl). Beauty Buffet is the Watson's brand of products. And then I got two bottles of Aqualabel Moisture Emulsion S (buy one get one free) and a bottle of Aqualabel Moisture Lotion S. This brand is actual a sub brand (is that a word?) of Shiseido.
After that I went to Cosmed which is another Walgreens/drugstore type. I picked up a GIANT bottle of Legere 97% Snail Moisturizing Toner which I think is something I am most excited for. Then I found some more buy one get one free items which is this Sexy Look Black Rosa Moisturizing Gold Mask and these single use mask pods of My Beauty Diary in Tea Tree Purifying Mask and Cucumber Soothing Mask.
So the big one is when I went wild in an Etude House. I got My Castle Hand Cream in Sweet Cookie and Pink Wish. Sweet Cookie is just a vanilla scent and Pink Wish is a fruity floral. The hand creams come in adorable little castle containers and the product itself is something I have used before and really loved. These were also buy one get one free. Then I got a Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack which is a hair mask, one of my favorite things. Then there was the Broccoli Wash Off Pack that is suppose to be good for spot care and evening out skintone, and that came with a set of Honey Wash Off Packs where there were four different single use pods. I also got the Collagen Moistfull Sleeping Pack to round out all my mask items. Finally for makeup, I got three Drawing Eye Brow which is my favorite brow liner and something I use religiously, and I got the Play 101 Pencil in Black, a super creamy and budge-proof pencil liner as well as two adorable Lovely Cookie Blusher in Grapefruit Jelly and Peach Choux Wafers.

I also got a ton of samples and free sets for going so wild in the store, I can't even begin to name it all so here's just a picture of the goodies.
So there it is! I plan on doing some reviews and swatches of things so this was just a very basic introductory post of everything I got my hands on. I can't wait until I have the time to properly test things out!


  1. OOOH Everything looks amazing!!! Can't wait to see all your reviews! The Beauty Buffet masks are making me super jealous! LOL

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