Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Current Netflix Picks

I've had Netflix for years now, since the time where streaming and renting physical disks were still one service! Sometimes I think it's a waste to continue my subscription because I will go months without watching anything on it, but then there are other times where it becomes a nightly ritual to watch a few episodes of some show or half of a movie before bedtime. Right now it is one of those times, and I know that nothing is more annoying than trying to find something decent to watch amongst all the noise of everything else on there. You can find some really weird stuff on Netflix and a lot of clear rip-offs of popular movies. Anyways here are some of my picks of what's on Netflix if you're looking to kill an hour or ten.

  • Futurama. This is definitely an Adult cartoon with very crude humor and won't be everyone's taste. However if you're a Simpsons fan you will appreciate this sadly (three times) cancelled show. It has one of the sweetest final episodes ever if you can get past the guts and ridiculousness of it all and I'm still holding out hope that one day this show will come back again. Like I said it kept getting cancelled and then returned a bunch of times so you never know!
  • Bates Motel. I picked this up again from the beginning since the third season just started. The delay between the second and third season was basically a full year (10 months to be exact), so I barely remembered what happened last. I was thrilled to discover the first and second season on Netflix so there has been some weekend binge watching to remind me what's going on. This is a loosely based prequel to the famous movie Psycho, but I discourage diehard fans from this because there was quite a few things changed such as the setting of the show, but the underlying theme of the mother-son relationship is still there and prevalent so if you're not too picky about the details this is a fantastic show to watch.
  • Heroes. This show started so strong and ended so badly, it gets hard to watch in the later episodes. however it was announced that this summer there will be a return of a mini series of this show so I had to dig it out and relive the glorious moments of this show. The new series has a whole new cast with just guest appearances from the original cast, but I still wanted to rewatch all the episodes again!
  • Stardust. One of my favorite movies of all time and I'm thrilled that it has been on Netflix for so long. It's a fantastic fairy tale story that is nothing like you've ever seen before. It is based off a book too which was very well written. Fun fact, the author for this book also wrote Coraline!
  • Lost. Apparently I just like to use Netflix to watch shows that have already ended. Trust me I could have thrown on a lot more but I cut myself off. This show is everything! It had a very controversial end but I truly believe it couldn't have ended any other way! This show is confusing and maddening at times but overall was a very solid run and it was a show that knew when its time to end has come and they ended it.
What are your current Netflix picks?

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