Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Current YouTube Obsessions

While reading blogs is an obsession that comes and goes for me, I definitely get make it through the day without watching all my favorite YouTube channels. Lately I'm digging the daily vlogging even more than TV network shows because they are like mini shows in themselves. There is just so fascinating about getting a glimpse into someone's personal life and the reason why vlogging is the only thing I ever post on my YouTube channel. Today I want to share some of my favorite channels that I've been crazy over lately, so here they are!

  • Alex and Mia. Possibly my favorite young couple ever, they are quirky and adorable and awkward but not in a painful to watch sort of way. They recently started up a daily vlogging channel and I am thrilled. Fingers crossed that they can keep it up because I'm already starting to look forward to their vlogs every day!
  • RachhLovesLife. This is actually a side channel to the main channel RachhLoves where she does everything beauty and fashion. She has started doing a new segment on this channel called 10am Tuesdays that I'm a huge fan of. Basically it's a quick chat video every Tuesday at (you guessed it) 10am where she recaps everything she did the week before complete with clips. She has the best relationship ever with her sisters and sister-in-laws and I just love her fun personality. Her main channel is also definitely worth checking out and she has a great series there too the Lazy Girl's Guide!
  • Ellie and Jared. I discovered this couple through other people during Playlist Live (I started following about three new families from that!) and they are just the cutest ever. They have an adorable little boy and another on the way, I can't just wait to watch this family grow up.
  • itsJudysLife. Probably one of the OGs when it comes to daily vlogging but I just love this family so much and I don't think I will ever stop watching. JB seems to have grown up overnight and I can't wait for the day when all the girls are able to interact and play with each other.
  • bamachick1101 (Katie & Cullen). Really this list should have been family vloggers I'm obsessed with because I'm rounding out the list with yet another family vlogger. They have possibly the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen and the sweetest and most wholesome relationship there is. Plus the Target Balling is the highlight of every video for me!
What are some of your favorite YouTube channels?

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  1. ooh i dont actually watch any of these channels currently so thank you for the recommendations! id love it if youd comment back xx