Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February 2015 Favorites + Unfavorites

February ended up being the longest short month ever for me. The end result was, the month was over and I realized I didn't get a chance to try out very many new products! The result of this all is that I have a very small favorites list, and completely don't have anything in the unfavorites category! I will try and go more in-depth about each product to make up for the small list, so let's just get right into it!

  • Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub in Peach Milk. It's been almost two months now and my lip issues are a lot better but still a problem. This is the latest product in my experimenting that has been a smash hit. If I use this lip scrub before bed, the next day I only need to apply lip balm maybe once or twice throughout the day to reach a tolerable level for my lips. This has a really delicious peach candy smell and feels very hydrating on my lips.
  • Milani Brow Shaping Gel. I've always used the Maybelline clear mascara as a brow setting gel but this stuff is really a game changer! I mean when it comes down to it the formula is all about the same, but the shape of the brush is what lands this guy into a favorites post! It's just a smaller cone shaped brush so it's more fitted to a brow shape and easier to use. I'm a fan now and I'm never going back because this stuff is just as easy to find in stores.
  • Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray. Pictured is the travel size but I have the full size too that I bought in a set from Costco! This stuff is pretty good that it really doesn't leave a white cast and also leaves my hair very soft. I'm not sure if I will completely switch from my Fructis stuff because this stuff is pricey, but it will be a nice treat once in awhile to use!
  • Benenet Herb & Bee A.C. Control Serum. This serum is life. It is very lightweight and is a clear gel (my favorite!) so it absorbs nicely into my skin. I didn't really notice it controlling the oil on my face, however my skin loved this stuff and was so ridiculously soft from using it.
  • L'Oreal OleoTherapy Sulfate-Free System. This is a very unusual favorite for me because I like to stick with the same stuff, and use hair masks for conditioners, but I brought this system with me when I traveled and I was blown away by how much my hair loved it. It left my hair so soft and tangle free for days! I just purchased new shampoo but I definitely think I will need to get this set next time I need more!


  1. OMG girl! I loved that shampoo and conditioner too I talked about it in my empties! But I just bought a huge shampoo so it will be a whole before I buy this one, maybe we can buy it now and just hold it in our stashes!! Lol

    1. Ahh it's so good!!! I mean might as well, what is one more bottle in it all? Lol

  2. I looove that serum, and I've been meaning to try that shampoo and conditioner again since I got in in the Walmart Beauty box but i haven't gotten around to it yet- now I think I might pull them out and finish them off- I really liked them the one time I tried them out!