Monday, March 23, 2015

Nails of the Week #34: Green, Green, Pink?

St. Patrick's Day is over so naturally I decide it's time for a green manicure. Yeah I don't get how I my mind works either. But actually I took off my glitter nails and for some reason the green nail polish was just begging to be used when I was deciding on a color. The weather is getting warming so this is my last chance for these dark, moody colors so why not. The glitter on my pointer fingers was actually not planned, I just messed up on my right hand and ended up with a lot of air bubbles so I "fixed" it with the glitter. I mean I feel like it worked out to balance my manicure since the accent color I picked wasn't so different and therefore it just made it look like I failed at alternating colors.

All three colors I used were Essie. Not much of a surprise it is my favorite brand. For the accent on my thumb and ring finger I used Mind Your Mittens which is a dark teal green. It took two coats to achieve this beautiful opacity and is actually a great toe color year round. I forgot I had this color so I'm happy it caught my eye. The other nails features my favorite emerald green which is Going Incognito. This is the color I picked up a few years back when emerald was the color of the year and it's also one that I hadn't used in awhile. The pink glitter is A Cut Above a great glitter with big and small circles that is super easy to spread.

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  1. I love the glitzy pink accent against the green - it's an unexpected, yet very fun, combination!