Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time Wasters: Phone Games

This seems like a strange post to have on my blog after I proclaimed a New Years Goal this year being unplugging more but there are just those times whether it's commuting or waiting somewhere where playing some games on your phone is the only logical thing to do. Gone are the days of Minesweeper and that one where you bounce a ball to hit all the bricks, there are some pretty sophisticated games out there. I have an entire folder dedicated to games on my phone (with two pages) so I would say I'm pretty qualified to give some suggestions here! I've narrowed it down to my all-time favorite 5 games otherwise this could go on for awhile. These games are all free to download off the App Store and probably off the Google Play Store too so I'm sure at least one will interest you!

Candy Crush. Got to start with the classic and my go-to addiction. Candy Crush is an easy enough game where there are hundreds of levels that each have a different goal in order to beat it. The game seems endless and it's the perfect distraction when you have a few minutes to kill. The best part is that the timed levels are very few so most of these you can just pause in the middle of playing them and go back to it anytime so it's great for when you don't know how long you will waiting.
Candy Crush Soda. The sister game of Candy Crush and my go-to when I run out of lives there. It's similar yet different because there are combinations and different variations that aren't on Candy Crush. For example if you create a four square of similar color you get a candy fish. I'll admit I confuse the two games sometimes and it's quite maddening when I'm on Candy Crush and going why won't the fish appear?! Either way, these are both solid games and something I will be playing for a long time.
DragonVale. Here is something that I was highly addicted to when I first downloaded it on my phone a few years ago and that I've recently picked up again. It's basically a game to breed dragons and I am very hooked on collecting every existing dragon there is! There is no science behind getting a certain hybrid dragon so the anticipation of the egg hatching is always there. There are quite a few new features to this game so I'm having fun exploring everything I missed out on while I didn't play.
Flood-It!. I want to say this is the first game I ever downloaded on my phone. It's a very simple concept where clicking on a square changes everything it's touching to that color and the goal is cover the whole board in one color. You start from a top corner and work your way down. It's a fun puzzle that can give you endless hours of entertainment as you try to do it in as few steps as possible.
100 Floors. Finally this is another fun puzzle where the idea is that you are in a 100 floor building and you want to work your way up to the top. Each "floor" is a different puzzle that ranges from physically doing a puzzle to setting your phone down flat for a few seconds so that the "bomb" can blow the door open. Every floor is different and sometimes it gets frustrating because there are some really specific steps you need to follow in order to beat the level. It's a great thinking game and there are a bunch of different buildings to go through, and they keep adding more!

What are some of your favorite time wasting phone games?

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