Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Unboxing: Walmart Spring 2015 Beauty Box

Honestly I forgot that I even had this box coming in the mail! I've been really out of the blogosphere for a few months now, sadly I haven't had the time to read many blogs so I saw no spoilers or unboxings and was pleasantly surprised when it turned up at my door! The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly subscription that sends you a box of beauty goodies (plus coupons!) four times a year for free! All you pay for is $5 shipping! This is a great deal because it gives you a chance to try out some products from Walmart that maybe you wouldn't normally pick up and usually there is at least one full size makeup product in there so it makes the $5 price completely worth it.
These are definitely not themed by the season, it just seems like they stick in a collection of random samples. I knew when they first started out there was an "older" (34+) and "younger" (<34) box going. Like I mentioned I'm really out of the loop when it comes to these things so I'm not sure if that is something that has continued, but if it did I would have received one of the younger boxes. Judging by the contents though it seems like very general stuff this time so I suspect these tiers have been eliminated. Let's get into the goods for this quarter!

Essence Ultime Omega Repair & Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
I have soo many shampoo and conditioner samples now but this is a drugstore brand that I have never heard of and therefore I'm looking forward to testing it out! Ever since the grand success with the L'Oreal duo that I received last quarter I'm a little bit more interested in this set then I normally would be!
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser
Dove GoFresh Nutrium Moisture Body Wash in Mandarin & Tiare Flower Scent
I used a Neutrogena product once a long time ago and got a horrible rash from it and since then I've avoided all Neutrogena products. My skin has changed quite a bit though from when that happened so I'm game to try out this facial cleanser. Before I used St Ives Dove was my go to body wash so I can never have enough of these travel sized cuties and at this point I think I pretty much have every scent there is!
Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid
A full size mascara! I have quite a mascara hoard now especially since I discovered that Costco sells packs of my favorite drugstore mascara, Clump Crusher, but I'll happily add this to the collection and either myself or someone will discover the joys of it. I haven't gotten perfume samples in awhile so I'm not complaining about this one.
The final thing in the box is a whole mess of coupons and small foil packet samples. There are so many of them that I can't complain about an essentially free box.

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  1. We got the same box! While there were things in here that I probably won't use, I was actually weirdly happy with the Maybelling Fit me foundation sample- it's in Ivory, which is my shade, and it's so rarely used for sample packets! I used it today and absolutely love how it looks on me, so discovering that alone was worth the $5 for me! :)