Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What To Do With Extra Makeup

I think all beauty bloggers and vloggers can agree on one thing: there is one point in which you just have too much makeup. Whether it is brand new items or things that have been merely swatched, there's a point where you realize that all the makeup you have wouldn't get the proper love and attention before an expiration date rolls around. Sure you can give away as much as possible to friends and family but even that has its limits. Today I am bringing you a handy list of various organizations you can actually donate new and lightly used makeup to!

  • Polished Girlz. This is a great one for nail polish! This organization brings nail art parties to special needs children to teach them the importance of hand washing while giving them a fun manicure! This is a great place to donate all your nail polish and nail care supplies and tools. Contact that directly if you wish to donate supplies!
  • Dress For Success. This is another that will accept makeup to give to disadvantaged women in order to help them prepare for job interviews and their future careers. This is also a great place to donate gently used clothing for women looking for a new start.
  • MADRE. A women's international rights organization accepts beauty and hygienic products for women in need in communities stricken by disaster, war, poverty, etc.
  • Beauty Bus. A great foundation that visits homes and hospitals to give mini makeovers to the terminally ill as well as their caregivers! They also put together goodie bags of products to leave with patient's.
  • Check with your local women's shelters too, often these places are happy to take makeup and hygienic products to make kits for women in need.
As with any case where you are passing on products, make sure to check expiration dates before donating. If it is an instance where they will accept lightly used products, be sure to thoroughly disinfect everything!

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