Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30 Day Challenge Recap!

It's the end of April so how did I do?! I don't want to say I failed it exactly but I did end up skipping a few days. It was a total of about four days and mostly they were just days that I knew I wouldn't have time to do my exercises. I considered skipping the days but still doing it the next day but I really wanted to just stick to the whole 30 days thing so if I missed a day, I didn't make up for it, I just went onto the next day. I guess let's just break down each exercise and give my thoughts on them.

Pushups: These were very difficult for me since I have incredibly weak arms. Once it was more than 10 pushups in the day I had to modify it and do them on my knees and even than, when it got to be past 20 pushups even that was really hard for me to do. By the end of the month I can confidently say that those pushups weren't pretty and it would make any fitness guru cringe, but I did them to the best of my ability and that's what counts!
Squats: Probably the biggest reason for this challenge was my desire to do more squats. The thighs are probably my biggest insecurity and the extra lift in the butt doesn't hurt! The first ten days were rough but then I could tell I was getting stronger because the squats became easier to do and it was almost a non-issue to get to 250 by the end of the month. I have horrible knees and ankles so squats aren't always the easiest for me to do but taking it a slow, rhythmic pace really helps to get them done.
Situps: These have never been a problem for me so throughout the month I definitely switched it up each day with different leg placements and such to challenge myself a bit more through this.
Lunges: These were killer and really not knee friendly. I felt very unbalanced doing these so I think out of everything I probably struggled with these the most. Needless to say, lunges are not my favorite thing to do.

Overall this was a great jump start towards a slightly more active lifestyle. I think I want to try a squat and possibly ab challenge in May, but I want to find something that have entire rest days so I can more easily shuffle around the days to fit my schedule a little better.

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