Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 30-Day Challenge!

What better way to stay accountable than to put it on the blog?! I've tried this method out of countless other things and it has been a win everytime to stay on track! So nothing says wake-up call to me like hiking up a mountain and getting the feeling like I'm going to die every step of the week. Probably for two months now I was saying I wanted to try one of those 30-day challenges to kick start a more active lifestyle and finally April is the month to do! So I actually already started this yesterday but I'm writing this up today, it's still not too late to join me!

I combed though Pinterest for all these different 30 day challenges, I've done various ab and squat ones before and I finally settled on this particular challenge for a few reasons.

First I liked that it was four different exercises that would target different muscle groups. I was really looking for something that had both squats and push-ups because I'm not a fan of my thighs and I have really weak upper body strength. And finally I liked that there aren't full rest days but instead just days where you rest from certain exercises.

I'll pop in at the end of the month, probably either in The Lipstick Diaries or the monthly favorites to let you know how this 30 day challenge went for me! Who knows this may inspire me to take on a whole new working out regime and if so that will warrant an entire dedicated post!

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