Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday 5 Fave

I've pretty much succeeded at doing one of these every month and I'm quite proud of it! I think it's without a doubt my favorite types of posts to write for this blog because it's like a mini favorites post that covers just about everything going on in my life. I'm not restricted to just beauty products, but any type of products as well as activities. I mean maybe I should just start opening up my favorites to lifestyle ones too, but I guess I also like these because I'm choosing things that I'm loving from this particular week and not necessarily something that I'm madly in love with for a month. This month I'm digging a great subscription service, some good reading in the sun, and an oldie but a goodie of an app on my phone!

  • Sheet masks. I've been on a huge sheet mask kick lately working through my stash. There seriously is a sheet mask for every occasion and it gives my skin an extra punch of vitamins and nourishment that I follow up with my serum. I'm going to need to replenish my stock soon so I'm hoping for another $15 sheet mask mystery bag from Beauteque soon!
  • Golden Tote. I actually think I've talked about this in a F5F before but it is a fabulous clothing subscription box where each month you can choose 1 or 2 items from the tote boutique and you are surprised with 1-5 additional pieces curated from your style profile. Last month they launched a new site with a more in depth style profile and honestly I haven't had any complaints with the stuff I've received so far! They are all high quality pieces that are truly chosen based on my preferences and lifestyle, so far out of all the totes I've gotten I've only given up ONE piece of clothing which quickly found a home with my Aunt who adores it. I'm glad that it's something you can pick and choose so you aren't pressured to buy a tote every month but I have a feeling through summer I will be doing so to pick up dresses and maxis!
  • Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Again I mentioned this recently but I really have been loving these books and a visit back into a childhood. The goal of this was I actually wanted to get to the fifth book which was released years after the original four. It's dark, a little more grown up but it's something I had only read once a year or two ago and I wanted to read it again but I needed the background reading of the first four books. I'm just starting on the third book and it's making me realize what a mash-up the movies were, how the first book got one dedicated movie and the second movie was a lovechild of the last three books.
  • Tan lines. I'm LOVING the return of sun and warm weather and I've been trying to be outdoors as much as possible. Therefore I'm loving the odd tan lines that I'm earning from various activities. From bikini tans to racer backs, to even an odd cropped legging tan line, I'm enjoying all of the very much. Summer 2014 was a rough one for me and I really didn't get to spend as much time outside as I would like, so I'm getting a head start this year and really enjoying everything and being happy.
  • DragonVale. I think it's been a year or two since I played this game but recently I'm obsessed again. There are so many new dragons to breed for and they upped the level for each individual dragon too. Basically there's been enough updates now that it is like playing a whole new game to me so I've been hooked on it again. The challenge of breeding dragons is getting to me because even if you put in the right element combination, it's not necessarily guaranteed you will get a certain dragon. This sounds crazy if you don't play the game but I promise you collecting all the different dragons is quite thrilling, at least for me!

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