Monday, April 6, 2015

Nail of the Week #35: Chevron Nails

I wouldn't say these are the best nails I've ever done but I'm very proud of my attempt at some more sophisticated nail art. The design itself is fairly clean, it's more of the cleanup job between skin and nails that is a little off. I almost didn't post these but then I remembered that this blog is a journey and what better way than to showcase even the worst of my nail art attempts. This week I did a resort inspired chevron pattern. I had some nail stickers that I used to achieve the chevron pattern. I hope to do this again better, I'm imagining a really fun neon one for the summer!

I used three colors for this, Essie in Sand Tropez, Essie in Bikini So Teeny, and Sephora OPI in White Hot. These colors worked really well together for a nice resort-y feel. Next time I think I need to do the middle color all over and let it dry completely before putting on the stickers and doing the other two colors because I definitely had an issue with lifting up the white so I had to go in very carefully to fix it. Overall it wasn't a bad first attempt and I can't wait for the next try because it is such an easy manicure that looks awesome!

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